Separate Ways and Massive Thanks

21 06 2011

(I am on the train and seeing how hard it is to pop in a video on my phone from YouTube, so I might be editing!)

I start this post with massive thanks to Susan & Mike Randall, Dr. Joshua Doktor of Pyramid Chiropractic – Littleton, Maggie Olanie of Inner Glow Wellness, Coach Tetro, My Facebook Crew &, again, Susan Randall! My back is nearly back to normal and I truly will be doubling up my efforts to strengthen my abs & lower back!

Susan, Trapper, & I saw Kung Fu Panda II and it had a great effect on me. I have been personally ripping through a lot of my life and reprioritzing. I know stuff I didn’t deal with was coloring everything from my school to personal life to social life to career to racewalking. The fun part of the movie to me is to not be a red and white evil peacock!

It is interesting how complex Americans make simple things and how we completely ignore other things because they are, apparently, “too simple.”

I am walking in to a rather big race in a couple of weeks. I was hoping to have tons of miles under my belt and my body properly fit and prepared for the effort. As with many things, life intervened and I am not quite as prepared as I could or should be.

The “Overthinking” Lizzy was concerned about every little thing, made worse by the apparently genetic extra helping of fear of embarrassment. Yeah – this is coming from the gal who raced in Victoria’s Secret panties over a pair of compression shorts while 20 pounds over-fat!!!

Sure I am in a fast age group with my friend Rebecca Garrison – a speedy sneaker – in it. As of right now, I should be finishing behind 80 year olds,  but at least I am going to try.

I find it interesting how some with my “best interest at heart ” are telling me not to go and embarrass myself. Sigh.

What has that thinking gotten me?  Fear, doubt, and living far below any potential.

It is important to constantly challenge own boundaries. I am not saying “Be an idiot” but to keep things interesting by challenging own boundaries.

Often times, we spend so much time trying to beat someone else’s score or time that we forget we are in this for ourselves first. Sure, I am way behind my personal records/ personal bests – but I am also stripping away all the outmoded nonsense from all areas of my life that have brought to my attention my weaknesses or simply the facts of my past that I I am done with.

Separating myself from the outmoded has been an interesting process, as well as an uncomfortable one. I still rail against things,  but I also know that I am a strong competitor when focused.

Time to let many things go their Separate Ways because by realizing the strength I have gained and utilizing it is the only way to find Inner Peace.




4 responses

22 06 2011

“I find it interesting how some with my “best interest at heart ” are telling me not to go and embarrass myself. Sigh.”

Well, truth be told, I knew that the FANS 2011 24 hour would not go well for me; I was grossly under-trained. Frankly, I wouldn’t have gone had Maryann and Ray not been there. But after the fact, I am glad that I did; a paltry distance beats zero miles every time. 🙂

So if you can compete without re-injuring yourself, (and in your case, stay legal), GO FOR IT! 🙂

22 06 2011

Friends rock. I usually am the cheerleader for other people. The big thing is knowing when to stop. I have walked away from races because of knowing it would be folly to do them.

It is a different mind-set. I am getting more choosy with what I decide to do and actually wanting to train properly. Although I would like to do a lot of things, 2 very substandard years of recurring pain makes it not worth it.

24 06 2011

Go, Dizzy Miss Lizzy! Wish I was going to be there for all of my racewalking friends.

24 06 2011

You are here for me and I really appreciate it! Keep moving forward.

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