On the Shoe Hunt –

29 06 2011

I was hoping I would never have to do this again, but after giving the Brooks T7, with its idiotic off center lacing a try in my living room, I am actively on the shoe hunt.

I started racewalking in clearance rack Adidas shoes and then moved over to Brooks’ Racer series because I was able to get two matched pairs on clearance, my narrow heel cupped in nicely, and I was told they would be around for forever.

I switched into the T series when they had a pair in my size (11 mens) at the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll race when my luggage and half my shoes remained in Orlando.

I have loved the T4, T5, T6 series. John at Runner’s Roost knows I am a predictable customer with them. The heel is lower for racewalking and my orthodics fit in nicely.

The T7 looked pretty nifty, but the off set lacing pulled across my foot and left a gathering of shoe upper material that was annoying to walk across the living room in.


So now I am looking around. I will see if I can find a couple of stop-gap pairs on the internet.

The timing is good. Marianne M. Suggested I get into even lower a heel, and I am using 2011 to rebuild.

I have a long narrow foot with narrow heel. I am a men’s 11 in most shoes and prefer to be able to try them locally.





2 responses

29 06 2011

No thought from me as I have “duck” feet (wide, wide, wide)

29 06 2011

A duck married to a frog …. keeping it all in the same pond, eh?

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