Taking responsibility for a weighty issue ….

30 06 2011


Now before you get your knickers in a twist or panties in a bunch (depending on your country), I have never had this food, I just found the photo and it made me giggle!

I am a snacker. Left to my own devices, I will fluctuate between eating nothing of value or forgetting to eat to eating thousands of forgettable calories and becoming nothing of value on my couch!

I know folks on such a highly regulated diet that they really aren’t enjoying eating,  nor are they really enjoyable to go out and eat with.

Food is fuel. Eating should be an enjoyable experience. However, like many I am far from perfect in this realm. I just have to be careful due to food related health issues.

Tuesday, I sat in weights where Coach Tetro talked on nutrition. I listened to comments and to Coach. Both my classes this semester mention how advertising and media stories about health related issues really screw people up. Hum … how many years has this popular culture historian been saying this?

As I drove to the lightrail station, there was an ad looking for test subjects for people who want to lose 30 pounds without diet change or exercise required. Yeah – a pill. I would like to lose 30 pounds. It would make me unhealthy, but the scale number would look good.

My mind wandered slightly in Coach’s class because when it comes to food choices, I know I have made the easier ones over the good ones. My worst habits come from not paying attention to what I am doing for the day and bringing food with me. THEN I get hungry and pay obnoxious prices for JUNK!!!!

It all comes down to respecting my time and my life. I have been getting rid of the non-productive things out of my world and replacing with space, free time, and things for me – training, school work, time with friends, & new experiences.

I wrote about Coach talking about reducing stress by laying out clothes. Tuesday, he talked about making room in the fridge for a week of lunches. I do that to an extent, but my balance is a bit off. Ok – do I have to get 4 paper lunch bags and make inclusive lunches? You know, right now that might be a good idea.

When Susan Randall was here, she noticed how many foods were becoming science experiments in my fridge. I saw how easy it was to put together good meals and how much I liked left-overs.

It just takes carving out the time to do it. I have to simply make the time for me because, like I remind clients: I am worth it.



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