First 2.69K in New Kicks

13 07 2011


So – after a pretty wrenching trip home, and sleeping through the test I flew home for, I needed a bit of a distraction and recentering.

I laughed because it truly is the get your tush back on the horse thing. Even funnier was knowing that I had to go back to Sacramento to collect my kicks, so I was given the chance to try my new New Balance MR1400BO kicks.

When I went Brooks shopping with The Team. I found two pairs of Brooks T5 that have to be returned and they had a pair of the New Balances that Tammy was crowing happily about. They are lower heeled, which is good for racewalking.  I have been slowly lowering the heel as I find shoes I like. Since Brooks changed my favorite kicks, I am being pushed into a still lower heel.

I lowered my heel when I dropped from Racers to the T series. I was pushed into the lower heels when I biffed with a little help from my luggage being left on the tarmac in Orlando. This time it is because my last clean pairs of T6′ are in Sacramento.

I had a morning of doing what I can to lower my stress so I can go back to Sacramento and play with my friends! I also wanted to suss out just where I am.

I have gotten frustrated and not gotten back out there after frustrating races. This last one would have thrown me for a loop if I didn’t have some pretty strong minded racers as friends. Like I can keep them going, they put energy into me because, as Tammy said when we first got to the race park, “See Lizzy! You belong here and we need you!” (Yeah – she is grand at making me tear up in a good way!”

I needed to do a lap around Bible park for me, then go home, ice, eat, stretch, go do a couple more. Right now,  I am between sets.

I got to the park and looked around. I feel strangely sore, but it isn’t unfamiliar because since I have been out of shape, every time I fly back to altitude, I have mild shin issues.

I stretched, avoiding monsoon created mud puddles, and started. Didn’t feel good so I mentally listened to Nyle when she said “walk this pace first” as we were walking to the car.

I “tourist walked” a little then picked up slightly. Still slow, 00:22:45 for 2.69 km, but I thought about how every race is one lap around the park.

I did my lap. Going to do another. Going back to Sacramento to do 12 more …. for me.



2 responses

22 07 2011

just now getting around to reading blogs post-races…I’m glad you came back, we DID need you, and it was great to hang w/you for a few days. Thinking of you and hoping school will be OK.

31 08 2011

Yeah – I needed to come back for a lot of reasons – including catching Nyle at the finish and letting you guys know that the KiwiFruit was ok.

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