Weight Watchers & other thoughts on the train

29 08 2011


Blogs take a little searching to do because they are out there for all to see and comment on.

This weekend was dominated by a nasty storm named Irene. I was talking with one of my best buds in Florida as we were waiting for check-ins from friends and family in the affected area (constant connections and social media has a good purpose!). She told me a story about the Weight Watchers facebook site. They were putting up ideas to help Weight Watchers members keep to their diet during the stress of Irene. What blew my mind was when Lil’ Sis said that there were people cussing and responding violently in negative ways to the site.


Two of my close friends are Weight Watcher lifers. I am really impressed and have learned a lot from them because I doubt sometimes if I have the patience to follow the program closely. What I do respect is that it is a program which, although they do have a line of food products, deals with real food and real choices.

This is not a train blog post about Weight Watchers, however.

The people who blasted out about how “insensitive ” the people running the facebook site were said something about what is wrong with attitudes and holding on to negativity – something that I have personal experience with.

I have been working with computers and newsgroups since 1982 or earlier. There has always been a delete key! Splouting out negativity all the time just drags things down and sometimes people wonder why bother try to be positive at all because it is not appreciated.

I have been creamed here and there on this blog when I express a personal opinion of exasperation, but I do aim for constructive. Letting things fester screw up all motivation because it is easy to fall in the “why bother” boat.

Yesterday, I finally got out for just drills at the track. I have been dealing with the last lingering bits of medical stuff and realizing how far out of fit I have become. I have had motivation issues, but I know a lot of it stems from my just feeling overwhelmed by the complaining bits of life. I have been dealing with things in drips and drabs, but like training for any event in peacemeal fashion, I have not done the “thing” correctly. I also drove friends crazy with spending so much time on the process and less time on ripping out the wiring, making room for new habits and motoring!

When training, outside life does interfere if exercise isn’t your primary concern. However, spending time getting the “right” shoes, attire, and place to work out doesn’t get the job done! It just sets up for excuses of why you didn’t get out of the lounge chair and get the job done!

I have been dealing with a lot of old injuries, and, truth be told, getting in my own way. I think I finally cleared out the negative things that have been holding me back. In the past, I would feel sort of lonely doing only a quarter of what I spent the last month doing, but now I feel like I have the space to finally build my racewalking properly.

Yesterday,  I truly wanted to go for a long walk to see what I could do. Due to a lingering problem with my left foot I have been waylayed – again. It affected my thought process in a bad way. I wrote my coach – Jim Leppik – and said I was going to the track to do bends and straights with the bends being toe and ankle drills and the straights getting used to where my feet were.  When I saw video of my embarrassing form in Sacramento, I could see I was slapping my feet. The little bits of time I went out for walks, I would get frustrated that I could hear my foot-falls. Jim gave me a couple of things to think about and work on. I got out to the track and did the drills I had allotted and paid attention to what Jim had suggested. And it felt comfortable.

What this long ramble is trying to say is attitude is everything. I have been feeling down for a lot of reasons but I had to be ready for change. Lashing out (like the folks did on the helpful Weight Watchers site) helps no one and moving papers around on a desk doesn’t clear it.

I am thankful for good friends who have been tough and safe as I have been discovering what my next steps are. I have walked away from many who were important at one point, but just not now.

I think I shocked Jim in sending a training report. There is nothing we can do to get me ready for the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll half marathon, so it will be up to my body to carry me through. We will, however, have the opportunity to finally get that firm foundation back in place based on current information and the strength I am finding after dumping the weight of past failures and successes.




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