Steps forward

31 08 2011


Today is not written from the train to school but from a living room chair as I have a juice and get prepared for some doctor’s appointments.

A year ago, I felt like I was living my life from test result to test result. What I learned from that was if I need to make follow up appointments, I get them done as fast as possible so I am not dwelling on what might be but doing something active, if necessary, to correct what is.

On campus this term I am taking three activity classes and learning from each of the professors. I have strength & stretching, weights 2, and Hatha yoga. Interestingly, each one provides a component for successful and fun racing: strength, flexibility, power, and focus. Couple these classes with my racewalk crew and things are slowly starting to click.

A theme that has flowed through my program at Metro State had been the necessity to round the full individual. I know when I was racing insane, I had the physical side locked in but at the expense of the support structures that make me able to weather the downside.

What I mean is although exercise makes me feel at peace, I was also using it as an escape from all the things not going right. When I was sidetracked because, mainly, health related issues, it became evident how out of balance things were.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I have spent a lot of time sifting through why I just had blocks to my ease of life. Why I (and most people) get in my own way and make things difficult.

Yesterday, I was at a yoga “lecture” on campus sponsored by my yoga instructor. I come from Oovy Groovy Ground Zero Marin County, California so I have a pretty good filter on these things. At the event, my mind floated a bit to how much I am looking forward to spending time at the ocean in Virginia Beach, even amongst the craziness of the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll half marathon. I had also found out I wouldn’t be getting tests results back for another week – which is irritating because I want to get to the source of this deep tiredness – yeah, I know, breathe …

The Swami was a soft spoken woman who was born in the US, found her calling in India, and now lives in Australia. I thought it was interesting that the latest bout of changes has been influenced by my friends & coach from New Zealand and Australia.  Interesting mainly because I had a bit of a negative association with some folks I knew from that area … folks & memories that these people have helped me put away without knowing it.

There was a question about how to rid onesself of attachments toward the end of the chat that got me thinking. Truly in this society we want things fast and don’t think about the consequences. What I mean is I have a friend massively frustrated with my long “shredding and shedding ” process: “Lizzy! Just dump it. Who cares?” Well, my attachments have to be dumped by me.

The cool thing is when you dump the old attachments and replace them with higher ones, you are lighter. The baggage associated with the old ones just slide away because there isn’t a place for the drama to attach. However, if you rip it away or someone else forces you to, there is a scar there to remind you that gives a place for drama to attach.

Where is this introspective post going? It is reminding me and maybe others that exercise is a part of the whole being. The cool thing about it is that it can make the whole system swing better, if you let it.

Life and racing are about balance, management, learning from experiences. – holding on & letting go.




2 responses

31 08 2011

You’re making some good progress :). Keep going and be patient with yourself when you don’t succeed. I’m glad you are thinking through stuff and moving forward.

When is your race?

31 08 2011

Yeah – attacking it on a lot of fronts. I am at the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll half on Sunday. You can track me. It is a rough race because of heat and smoke. Saw Michael B and REI today and talked to him about a headpiece to keep me cool.

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