Back on Schedule

7 09 2011


After airport adventures, I am back on the train for classes.

When I left Colorado, Mother Nature obviously hadn’t changed her calendar from July. It was heavy hot here at altitude. Virginia Beach had more humidity than I was used to but I wasn’t a sweat ball. The race (report to be written when I am at home) wasn’t terrible even though it was warm.  I got back and Mother Nature obviously turned the page to realize that it is indeed the end of summer.

People are interesting. While writing this post, I have moved from standing in the center of the train to standing at the far end. A kid obviously believes his music with lyrics of slurs and sweats at 7:55 am is what others want to hear. No headphones, just letting it rip. I watched as complaints happened and the man standing next to the kid asked him to turn it down or off. He rolled it down and stared me down as I was standing across from him. I simply walked to the other end of the train. Not worth the fight.  Interestingly, when the train cop asked him to turn it down and show a ticket or pass, he did neither but complained. A between stops ticket being written.  A child of the headphone and most recent incarnation of the entitled generation.

I am interested in how people handle things in crowds. When at a race people are at different ends of their own intensity spectrum.

I tried wearing headphones to keep focus away from injury and on to the task at hand. I just found myself lost. I am starting to feel the switch back to being more intense while I race – paying attention to the task at hand. I have now toodled through most of the races I repeat looking at the scenery. When walking in running races, I will probably always do that to an extent, but I don’t need to help people as much unless they are in distress.

I am not saying being rude, but as I get back comfortable with my form locked back in place (which should take at least a couple more months by the way), I intend to be more concerned with what I am doing and time.

My feet did swell in Colorado. Altitude does it. Just have to get the miles in.

Talked with Jim about the Denver Marathon I am doing as a fundraiser. We are in agreement that if I can drop it to the half it would be better in the long run

Train hearing its stop. Just thinking about a lot of things.




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