Chilly Morning

8 09 2011


It is interesting how the seasons change quickly in Colorado. I walked in to class in jeans and flip-flops and came out to chilling rain.

This means that I have to plan more for what I want to do. Well weather and ramping up homework.

One of the things I noticed from the race was that the  outer edge of my left foot is sore. New shoes & new shoe company.

I packed up for school to take advantage of the school facilities. There is a small on campus gym, indoor pool, and a track that is really a 100 meter straightaway. There is a running cardio machine I can use as a filler when between classes. I like it better than the treadmill.

I saw the video when I got to 5K in Virginia Beach. It was straight on and I sweat I look like a goofy keystone cop! I also had to look around me because people were trying to run for photos and were jumping around. Maybe my turnover was good. Not sure.

I have a lot of homework to do and time to do in sneakers. I get my cholesterol results back tomorrow. I haven’t been particularly “good” so it is real. Learning things in Anatomy and Physiology that probably won’t be on a test but are making sense in other ways.

The photo is the sun shining through a rip in the clouds from the lightrail station. I think I am finally through the dark period of my fitness and training. It is all cyclical.

Wow – only half way on my trek to school and I am done with what is on my mind. Maybe it is because I am back early days of training.



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