Inner Critic + Inner Observer earn their Sensitivity Training Certificate = Inner Coach

14 09 2011



Dang I am tired. Weather is changing in Colorado and it was a pretty quick shift from 100 degree days to snow in the mountains.

On campus, I am truly enjoying adding strength training to my mix and having my coursework really go toward something.

I think I mentioned that this term I am taking weights 2 with Brian Cooper, strength & stretching with Coach Tetro and hatha yoga with Svetlana L (can’t spell her last name off the top of my head) along with coursework for my degree. Usually, I am helping others, but The Guys are really making me work.

Hatha Yoga is on Monday nights. Very interesting because, like all my PE classes, there truly is an academic component to the class. Yoga is to clear clutter from the mind and body. I thought about it and it makes a lot of sense.  This week’s class we were to become in touch with our Objective Observer. This is one who just observes but is not judgmental. Just there. Also, something completely new for me, was learning what each of the asanas (poses) is for and to actively think “I am doing this practice for (fill in my goal for the pose).” I see the objective observer as holding a sign for me, like those people cheering on their friends and family during a race. My sign has my goal for each asana practice.

Tuesday and Thursday is Strength & Stretching –> Weights 2. Tetro had us working with flexibility and I really had to think about what I was doing because I am still having balance issues. I think a lot of my balance problems are stemming from my not being comfortable in my body.  I liked the dynamic stretching aspect of the class. Wasn’t thrilled with my heart rate soaring!

I know this because I am starting to wear my monitor again.

I talked with Coach a little after class, but my energy was really low and I couldn’t figure it out. I had just over 1/2 an hour to get it sorted out.

Coach Doc Cooper is really pushing me in a good way. He knows racewalking and knows I need strength work. He also is a sport psychologist, but more importantly makes me laugh. Ok I make him laugh and it is catching!

For the last few days, he has walked in and handed me a slip of paper. It is what I am to do in class. Truly interesting is that I don’t know most of the exercises. Anyway, he gives me mine then writes up the general class plan. He wanders the room and works with all of us. I feel like I am a problem child at times because I am on such a steep learning curve.

I find it interesting that most of what Cooper has me doing isn’t anything like what I had myself doing. Very functional and very directed. I am slowly getting it but I am so off balance that I feel like Bambi trying to ice skate. He laughs and I keep at it.  What I do like is most of the exercises are ones I can do at least pieces of in my living room —- as long as I keep it decluttered.

Ooooohh!!! Link to yoga class!

I have walked Cooper across Denver and he hasn’t shooed me away. This walk he asked me directly about my Inner Critic after races, training & practices. I was honest. My Inner Critic really did a number on me for the last three years. I was more concerned with times than having fun, the finish rather than the process. That Inner Critic went from a positive internal coach to a negative internal basher.

I started to really realize how harmful the Critic had become when I was at the 10k in Sacramento. When I flew back to Denver, I realized how beaten up I felt on a lot of fronts. It had to stop – and it had to stop now.

Cooper asked directly what worked after my slow Virginia Beach race. I know what he was getting at and although the chronological time did suck the race was a success because I checked off other boxes for things I wanted to accomplish.

Since my Inner Critic is now in “sensitivity ” training, there is a very good possibility that it might be changed into Inner Observational Coach. However, until it earns its Sensitivity Training Coaching Certificate,  my races are trundles. And the pressure is off.

I am a competitive athlete, and a mind working with me, not against me is paramount.



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