A chat with my Inner Building Inspector – I need a coffee!

20 09 2011


I am tired but it isn’t that happy tired from training but from studying. I have a pretty busy academic semester of what we used to call “solids” in the old days.

I did a bit over the weekend,  but it truly doesn’t feel like enough because I know it isn’t.

One of the things I, and many adult athletes for that matter, truly suck at is building base.  Didn’t do it as a kid, and I don’t do it well now. Interestingly,  however, I am truly starting to understand why I have to wrap my head around the process because base isn’t something you do once or can kind of play make-up with and accumulate.  Ok, you can, but that. Just reinforces crappy habits and makes for a shaky foundation.

So, with two half marathons a week apart, I am in the beginning stages of building a base. I was thinking about this as I was walking sideways around the apartment against tubing on the outside of both legs.

I am insanely visual, as any regular reader knows, so what happened over the last 3 years was that I was walking around with my Inner Building Inspector seeing all the cracks and holes in my foundation.

“Surely, Miss Shepard, you know you can power through events because you have done the distances, but without these being fixed, you will keep falling into holes and damaging yourself.” Said the accented voice of my Inner Building Inspector.

“What do I do?”

“Oi! You’re not a twit girl! You know what to do! You have tried to patch the cracks and fill the holes, but they will only be good as long as the patch holds.”

“Yeah … yeah …. I know. Destroy the old and start again.”

“Ech! You’re in luck, Missy! While you have been staring at the mess that was, the strength that is and friends that are have been amassing the tools in a far better spot with a better view! Time to say good-bye.”

Well, Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying “Do one thing daily that scares you.” Since I am an over-achiever at times … I am doing two.




2 responses

20 09 2011

Hang in there and build that base! You can do it…

21 09 2011

Yeah I know and I am. I have always been spotty on stuff and at this point a couple of coaches/profs + stuff from coursework + being able to ask questions is really working. First step to doing things right requires a safe place to learn. Making that now.

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