Could someone explain why my right shoe keeps coming untied?

20 09 2011



Ok – slowly – with the utmost of care – peal your brain from the inside of the front of your skull where it did a hard, full stop.

I woke up addled. Ate what I could. Today has Injuries, Strength & Stretching (aka TetroTime) and Weights 2 (aka CooperLand). Then I hit the campus rec center for time on the running elliptical and treadmill. 

Did fine in TetroTime – We did a circuit of exercises, then the majority of the class ran the stairs in the hall. I replace the stairs with doing full out sprints around the gym floor. First go was quick, counterclockwise, and I pulled it out all the way through the door. Second shot,  I probably pissed people off by reversing my direction and jamming the nearly empty class clockwise. Did a double loop and realized that I was a lot weaker leading with this side. Third go I started in my weaker direction, turned tight like I am going around a pylon,  and jammed it out through the door.  I have to do these quick as soon as the room empties out or it is more unsynchronized traffic than a Turkey Trot (just minus dogs & strollers ). Third was rough. Ok.

I use really light weights in TetroTime for a couple of reasons: 1. I am not in terrific shape right now. 2. Because I am really trying to learn each of the exercises. 3. Because 1/2 an hour later is CooperLand and I want a fighting chance in there.

Usually I can pop myself back with a Boost or two, but I was still three visible quarts low. I get a charge out of this class. Kind of reminds me of the weight rooms I remembered as a kid.

I think I mentioned someplace that Coach Cooper has really been taking me to task and, better yet, explaining things. I also have broken apart some of the rocks in my head and he’s been good about pointing out the Dumpster to pitch them in.

Today he gave me a recovery style without. I just was having some issues with focus. This could be because I am in the process of goal writing and they finally mean something to me.  The “downer” when I don’t get my workout done right in class is that I will do it at home which isn’t bad at all … and when I am on the runner, I put on the Arm Blaster (aka CoachCooperIsTryingToKillMe But WouldBustAGutLaughing).

The Arm Blaster is a count of 10 at some insane (to me) resistance. I know how it works – Coach Tetro is pulling on it the first three rounds then Coach Cooper takes over

“Hey Chris – doya think she is warmed up? She is glaring slightly evilly. Aha – my turn to offer resistence!” Bwhahahhaa!!!

Ok – this is going on in my head as I really push and pull those bars without letting my legs take over.

I did it. Did the 36 minutes. Actually put myself through a cool down because ignorance is no longer bliss — it is an anatomy & physiology problem.

I felt a lot better until I started going over my A&P2 lab notes over a sandwich.  I do not recommend looking at cat dissection photos when eating a sandwich in a crowded caffeteria. Sadly,  I got so much turned around on the test.  CRAP!  Ran into the instructor and talked with him about it. I just have to get it in. That information is now cemented in place.

Time to get off the train. You aren’t going to believe this. My left shoelace is untied.

At least my feet have a sense of humor.




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