Y*A*W*N! Bleary-eyed post of the morning

21 09 2011


So – waiting in the cold Denver sun for the train and I am blown away by looking at 6 kids texting with a cigarette smoldering between their fingers spewing smoke.

You know what that smoke does at a cellular level,  Dip Weed?? And not only your cells but all of us who transverse your cloud trying to find nice, cool, crisp morning air! Nah – sigh.  After rereading my blood notes from A&P2 and realizing I answered most of my test questions in reverse, I do. Not that it matters … most smokers I know are considerate about their addiction.

Early morning anaerobic training: walking the train platform, trying to stay away from the patches of floating blue-grey smoke, without breathing.

Yesterday got me thinking that I am in the right direction, but the scary thing for me has to do more with how long I know it will take. I will learn patience.

Innnneeeerrrr pppeeeeaaaccceee.

One of the 12 threads of conversation with Coach Cooper was “so, how’s your nutrition?” By the end of class, a gal came up after doing a nutrition project. She was horrified about how many calories she was supposed to be taking in. I smiled because I was that girl. I could do just fine on really limited calories mainly because I had no real clue as to what it was doing. Somehow, I dodged a lot of bullets due to my deep seated survival instinct, but not all of them.

I know I was low going in to CooperLand. I have been getting better, but changing lifelong cemented bad habits requires stronger tools and more dedication than those tools that the dentist uses to get the tartar off of Bailey’s and my teeth!

I got home last night and for the third time felt like I had just plowed through a rough half marathon. I had eaten right after working out and ate more when I got home and took Bailey out. I turned on a documentary on Alcatraz that I had taped and ate. When I woke up an hour and a half later, the jazz was on and I was feeling dead.

Water, electrolytes, grapefruit juice and dark chocolate.

My brain was too fuzzy to stare at cat dissection pictures before bed. I just turned on some crime drama and let my mind drift.

With insane unresolved stress and eating barely enough, I realize the damage I have done to my adrenal cortex. I understand why things can go haywire and I started to visualize slides from my anatomy class.

I should know better than to have my anatomy notes on my lap and book under my feet.

Wow – things are making sense from what the doctors were babbling for the last three years!!! Ok! Whoop!!  I wonder where I would have been if I had gotten it then?

As Bullitt said, “Time starts now.”

Yesterday, it was mentioned to me that I should up my protein to ~65g because of the amount of muscle repair I will be needing. Since I only have an academic understanding of what I eat (as evidenced by the blank look followed by nervous laughing when I was asked “Lizzy … what is better?” Crap – caught.), I know I need a more functional understanding for myself and others. Part of this functional understanding is to counteract all the nutritional psycho-babble of the internet, chat rooms, and marketing departments.

In other words – trust my gut because it is nearly always right even when being bombarded by “arguments” from those who have drunk the latest batch of quasi-healthy babble Cool-Ade (yes Jonestown reference. If you don’t know it, learn it!)

Woke up with a dehydration headache. Ate. Drank. Got to train a bit irritated because I just wanted to breathe. Train full of aeromatic perfumed people. Snarf.

But I have a choice to let it get to me or not. A couple of pints of energy low doesn’t mean I have to be crabby! Look at what I am understanding — ok so I am getting stuff after the test. At least I am getting it.

This is long haul. This is really pulling together my understanding of self and turning weaknesses into strengths and mediating those I can’t.

YAWN = Yippee And Wahoo Now! Attitude is everything!




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