…At Least It’s Properly Parked

18 10 2011


Another chilly early morning at the Southmore train station.

A big part of athletics is time management … ok a big part of life is also. I have tried to get grips on time and where it is going only to find that I am swamped on the logging process followed with bumming big time about how much time I have wasted.  Since I am finally getting off my ass and taking my exercise seriously, I am feeling like I am in logging Hell,  but I know there is a reason for it.

Food Log: I am using My Fitness Pal for this.  I trialed several hand-held/web-based systems and this one is probably the most reliable. Also, since I have both an I-Touch (my several year old “I-Thingie) and an Android,  I can use either one and both will update the web page.  I am getting better with recipies because I am starting to cook again and break meals into servings. I don’t know exactly how much I trust the figures for calories expended, but it is a ballpark estimate. I also am leery of the calories for losing X or Y pounds. Where I am probably a bit silly is that I am only logging training calories expended, but that might change.  Also, my caloric intake will change when I finally get reliable metabolic information.

Time Log: This is strictly time and a reminder to eat 4x a day (my buddy Ryan laughed when he heard my sax alarm tone go off when we were studying). I am using Planner Pro 1.1 that I found on I-Tunes. I played with the free version, but the Pro one has repeat functions – for things like train travel, classes, eating reminders, homework and training days. There are two parts: planning & actual. Actually it is pretty interesting. Unless I am studying, however, any time after dinner is off the books! I haven’t found it for the Android, so that is a bummer but since I have the I-Thingie with me more, I am game.

Written Training Log & Calendar: About bloody time! I have started these in the past, but since I am actually doing things properly with respect to training – wow base building & warming up/cooling down … the things I learn in school!! – it is time to do this right also.

Train ending. School time. MORE LATER! Lizzy




One response

27 10 2011

LOVE this. I’ve become an obsessive[-ish] logger in the last six months or so–nutrition, exercise, thoughts . . . everything. I’m also on MyFitnessPal, do dual-tracking of exercise on MFP and DailyMile, and use my Google Calendar and Evernote for pretty much the rest of my life [which is basically work/school/practicum/volunteering/respite work].

Because, as my Physical Activity: Promotion and Adherence prof said the other day “Write it down. If it stays in your head, it gets lost.” :]

[btw, if you wanna become friends on MFP, I’m KerriOnThePrairies over there! :D]

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