More Thoughts on Kicks

19 10 2011


If you want someone to blame for my blathering on kicks, blame Ollie. (Froggy says he is the best to blame because he takes it so well! Could be due to his spending so much time in the Maths & Sciences Building of that university he plays at! 😉 )

So – not only have my beloved T6/T7 Brooks gone through a change, but apparently my feet have also. Coach Coop wasn’t surprised, but I sure as heck have been.

Up to this point, I have happily bounded into my Runner’s Roost on Colorado Blvd. or Boulder Running Company on Arapahoe, picked up my kicks in a men’s size 11 and waddled out the door. Recently, my feet have begun to change … for the shorter!

I know that different shoes have slightly different sizing structures. My Mom-mee taught me to always try things on and never assume even the same brand fits exactly the same way. This being said, the oddest thing happened at the Denver Rock & Roll race.

I know I still have to write up my reviews,  but at Virginia Beach & San Jose, I wore my New Balance 1400’s.  These are the shoes that I am/was contemplating replacing my Brooks with.  They fit pretty well, but my feet sweat so badly that I dislodged the neopreme pad on my orthodics, exposing the carbon fiber heel cup in Virginia Beach.  In San Jose, I used my other orthodics, but had a problem with my feet slipping forward anyway.

Yes I did use the “coach’s tie” to pop my heel back into the somewhat unfamiliar Achilles Tendon padding. My feet slipped anyway.  This wasn’t the case when I tried the shoes on in Sacramento.

I have been noticing my feet slipping with nearly every step of my daily wear, banana yellow Sauccony Fast Twitch kicks. It is a new development in these – along with the shoe coming untied!

So – since I had a comfy and relatively new pair of Brooks T6’s in my closet I used them for Denver with my everyday orthodics. Should have been cake, right? Familiar and comfy.

Uh – no.

From the first mile on, I noticed my feet were slipping in my favorites. I was really distracted by it. I am making form changes (dumping bad habits), so I am really cognizant to changes. 

I pulled over and used a stretching break to, for the first time use a coach’s tie to try to hold my foot back. It was then that I noticed that my feet looked …. smaller.


My mind wandered to my trial pairs of Addidas and K-Swiss flats which are between a half and full size smaller than what I am used to.  As I type this on the train, I look at my Fast Twitch shoes and see my toes sliding forward.

I have been doing exercises to maintain my high arches, but am I losing fat off my feet? Donno. Interesting mystery to ponder.

But now, I have to hop off the train and hit the library before class.




4 responses

19 10 2011

I have the same issues……I am normally a perfect 10.5 mens shoe…..but after sac I have fit into a 10 and with only a slight rub on tip of toes. Hmmm I also pondered how my feet could be getting smaller.

The shoe guy here knows me very well and politely asked if I had lost much weight in the last 3 months as he thought I was looking rather trimmer. I said yes but not a huge amount. Well he disagreed…..he stated that we lose weight from all over….just some places show up more. So yes, feet do have fat on them and as you lose weight so too can your shoe size drop. So for the first time in many many years I am no longer in the high “Clydesdale size” shoes…..but more the “tall hack”

Good luck with finding the perfect shoe….it is a little like the perfect man……almost impossible to find and just when you think you have found it… changes on ya!!!!!

21 10 2011

Silly that my feet are getting smaller and I am not. Never know!!

22 10 2011

Interestingly enough, my feet got BIGGER when I turned 38 or so. In college and for the first years of my life, I wore 10.5 D. Then my feet widened; now I wear 11 to 11.5; it seems that 11 EEEE fits the best in most brands.

BTW, my shoes are nowhere near as colorful as yours

22 10 2011

I am a girl. I should have niffy kicks!

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