What is it with creaky feets? A thought on Libraries.

19 10 2011


So, I was dropped off at the library as I really need to get my head wrapped around my anatomy & physiology test tomorrow when I realized I was …. creaking.

Maybe creaking is the wrong sound: creek/sploosh is more like it!

I have been 47 for a week and I am creek/squeak/splooshing my way through the upstairs of the Auraria Library. Not only that, but I am rolling my flowery bookbag (part of the extensive Lizzy Luggage Collection) through and the wheels make a soft rolling and clicking sound. I am impressed with this poor bag. It carries my thicker binders and books – so much for paperless society!

As I was roll/click/creek/squeak/splooshing along toward the tables by the far windows, I thought about how I have always felt comfortable in libraries.

My all time favorite was probably the Tiburon branch of the Marin County Public Library. It was probably the size of my apartment and in a little strip “mall” between the Tiburon Post Office, a real estate agent and the Home Savings & Loan. Mom would go to the post office, do grocery, or banking and know I was safely dropped off at the library. I quietly read my way through the children’s section and looked at the glossy covers of other areas.  I never heard stories there, but I did luck out when local celebrity Mrs. Terwilliger was in there and spent time sharing her love of nature with a little girl who still holds her in awe inspired reverence.

When I was in elementary school I was the youngest Junior Librarian. I knew how books were filed by the Dewey Decimal System and could fly through a card catalog rack to find just about anything. A pretty impressive feat since my being painfully nearsighted wasn’t diagnosed until I was 14 and my dyslexia was not something to be talked about!

Maybe having to figure out cross-referencing on the fly is part of why I can figure several ways (some really unusual) to find information.  Hummmmm.

I remember head librarians shushing talkers and unleashing Evil Eyes or the Wrath of Dictionopolis on those who contemplated eating, drinking, or visibly chewing gum in the hallowed halls of books.

Even when I was at Santa Rosa Junior College, my skills at sneaking my perpetual cup of coffee and snacks into the library were pressed into service in 1989. I always clean up after myself.  If I didn’t that would incur the wrath of Mom-mee …. and that would be bad!

At SFSU, I lived in the 4th floor master’s thesis section. My bookbag always weighted a ton and had bottles of water in it.  As I recal, a couple of years after I got there, 1996?, they opened a 24 hour study and computer center. Really smart move.  My cats, Miss Riggs & Miss Murtaugh, weren’t thrilled when I left radio and spent a lot of time in the study center, but they did make it so you could have snacks in the non-computer section.

I know that I saw coffee shops near college libraries before I moved to Colorado,  but it wasn’t until I got to the Auraria Campus Library. This library is for Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver & University of Colorado at Denver. Not the greatest, but not completely terrible.

This library is small, but has map sections, computer lab stations, microfilm, research documents, books, copy center, and a smattering of homeless folks (we are a downtown library). The downstairs is the “talking” section and upstairs the quiet section requesting people to cell phone chat downstairs.  Interestingly enough, for the most part, students abide by this!

Downstairs they have transferred a whole wing into a group study area with places for tutors. Pretty cool, actually.

When they built the building, I bet they didn’t think about how many electrical outlets they would need. Tables by outlets are prized. Maybe one of the things that they are working on is electrical. I don’t know, but I know that I bring my travel extension plug set when I do need plugs to help out others.

So, with my cup of coffee in one hand, water bottle & snacks in my bag happily rolling on the floor, and in my squeaky, splooshy, creaky yellow kicks — I arrived at a free table overlooking Saint Elisabeth’s of Hungary.


Ready to study for my A&P 2 test …. until I realized I grabbed the wrong binder. Erfff!! I need to have Miss Bailey Boo pack my school bag.

Creak – Sploosh – Squeak – Roll – Swoosh – Clink/Clank. Back through the library to the train station

Oh Bother!




2 responses

19 10 2011

As far as the creaky feet: in my case it is the plastic of my orthotic rubbing against the shoe. It is so loud and annoying that a racewalk judge (jokingly) threatened to red card me for loud shoes!

19 10 2011

Ollie – I think you are right actually! I might write on my latest shoe issue on the train! However, I will definately walk in the general vacinity of you in a judged so when the judges hear my squeaky deers, they can say “It is Ollie again. Ignore it!” 😉

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