The things you notice when you pay attention …

24 10 2011


I drove on to campus today as I have a handful of things I need to do once I get done. One of the big things is to log some treadmill miles.

In a previous post, I noted that I am using the program My Fitness Pal to assist me in becoming cognizant of my calorie expenditures. I have done this off and on for a while, but since I am finally taking things seriously, I am spending more time with it.  What I like about the program is when you save you can save as “done for the day” and it will let me know  (in unfriendly red) if I have consumed too few calories for my expenditure and that I can drop into starvation. With my history, I need the reminder in flashing letters!

I started to notice that I truly don’t feel like eating when I am studying at home. Doesn’t matter how much I have exercised, I just get distracted with trying to understand the concepts I am learning.

In the realm of exercising, I only tend to write in off the books exercising and omit my strength & stretching class, yoga, weights, and wandering with Bailey. I also omit when I do an exercise tape at home! 

When I noticed this trend last week, Coach Coop got a giggle out of this and said “Lizzy!!! It all counts with weight loss!” Yeah, I know!

How I noticed it was when I decided to log in the calories for the hour Hatha Yoga class I did on campus. I am making up yoga classes, so I was wondering the expenditure. When I logged it I realized I was in negative calorie flow. This is NOT good for a lot of reasons, but not least of which I have been training myself to live on restricted calories to get the metabolism going. (Easiest way to explain it.)

I started fishing about in my bag for a Boost saying ‘Oh S$%t! Coop is going to kill me! ” When I got to weights, I was still way low and he tossed me a Luna Protein Bar (actually pretty good) and I was able to snarf another Boost to get me to a decent level but not for any workout.

So – I am learning. This weekend, I wanted to do 8km, but didn’t feel like eating anything. I kept my calories right and took Bailey for a walk. 

The photo is from the Auraria Library where I am sipping coffee, water and snarfing a bagel before class … a class where we are exercising and I know I won’t “count” or quantify those calories because of the short duration.

Everything counts — in/out; positive/negative. It is a balance.




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