There are mornings I feel like a bag lady … with great taste in bags!

25 10 2011



Yesterday was an odd night at the gym. When I am walking on a treadmill, I tend to hold on in sort of a push up position that puts a lot of stress on my wrists. When I haven’t done this, I tend to pick up my paws and run. Last night, my wrists gave out long before my legs did.

I woke up this morning and packed a bag for after school at the gym plus a bag for at school with my own bands to do some abductor and adductor work with plus my rolling school bag to research two papers.

I was quite a sight clunking down the stairs. Bailey didn’t bother to even leave the balcony as she is out there sniffing out the snow.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it is supposed to rain first.

Last night, I had to remember to cover the sofa I now have on the balcony as well as some of my training gear out there.

Back on bags. I guess somewhere along the line I decided that I like bags that are useful and fun. I do have basic black luggage, but it has an apricot stripe down it. When I was travelling for a lot of races, I discovered the Olympia company not only made well constructed bags but their wheel systems ROCK! I also have been able to pick up their products at Ross Dress For Less. Sure they are previous year models – do I care? Remember – this is the person who wears banana yellow running shoes most of the time! My school rolling bag is one of theirs and it is amazing.

I am not going to fib, however. Last time I was at one of my nearby Ross stores, there was a beautiful bit of brown leather luggage that I fell in love with – both sides of my personality: flamboyant and colorful & western and comfortably weathered.

I am about 20 minutes “late” on the train and it is near empty – which is a good thing as I have my rolling bag and more open gym gear bag. Unfortunately, a gentleman decided to sit behind me wearing a perfume that is making my eyes water.  Can’t have everything.




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