An accident waiting to happen

26 10 2011


First snow of the season has hit Denver. It is one of those sloshy wet ones that just makes things wet and heavy.

I don’t know about other places, but snow brings out the impatient idiot in drivers.  I can handle driving in tule fog and double clutch San Francisco hills, but I do suck at snow driving mainly because my aging 1994 Mitsubichi Eclipse lacks defrost and good tires.  When driving proper vehicles, I don’t have trouble.

Today, however, I couldn’t take an idiot driver provoked snow day because of a lab mid-term. I bundled my homework and computer into a rolling piece of luggage and walked to my nearby bus stop.

The crossing to get to the bus pad is one which doesn’t require its own button to be activated but is automatic when easy/west traffic is the through traffic.  Today, idiots trying to left turn across the oncoming west bound traffic didn’t take into consideration that there was a 5’10” body clad in light blue dragging a piece of rolling flowered luggage in the crosswalk/zebra-crossing!!!

Yep – I was tapped by a woman in a huge SUV who waived apology before driving on! A Mercedes SUV swerved around her and nearly hit my bag – which contains my computer.  He flipped me off and the arse who nearly hit the first SUV honked his Porche SUV horn and flipped me off.

I was standing watching this happen!

And people wonder why I take public transport and train indoors during foul weather?!




One response

27 10 2011

Now I know Denver is all mountainous and stuff . . . but it always shocks me when places have snow before Winnipeg does! :]

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