Being Bright in 5k’s of Darkness

14 01 2012


Good Morning!

If anyone was awake at 3 AM on the hammocks side of Coronado Springs, you would have heard my cackling laugh as my costume test walk ended in a wardrobe malfunction! I was dared by reader Ollie to race in a swimsuit at Surf City 1/2 merrython next month. I decided to sign up for the 5k in order to trial the costume in high humidity. The bikini top was ok for an indoor trial, but not at speed.  The positive part of the trial is that I won’t embarrass myself wearing a truly hideous bikini top!  If the test had failed during the race, I would have been tossed off the course in EPCOT!


As Patti would say “Lizzy – further proof you shouldn’t dress yourself!” Actually, pretty comfortable. I used a hand held race bottle with lemon lime Hammer Heed and a pocket full of coffee candies.

When the speech therapist was trying to help me with my vocal cord dysfunction, she had me sucking on sugar free candies. Do you have any clue as to how hard some of those wrappers are to open while racing? In Sacramento, Aussie friends got me hooked on coffee and hard caramel “lollies.” Trident gum and lollies.


My friend Melisa races for NF and she gave Bailey a hat and race shirt that I wear with pride. I also know she loves my Stitch ears, so I made a 100% humidity race for a good friend who is a BK racer their last race. That is not to say I won’t ask sewing friends to make me a more weather resistant pair! 🙂

I was dancing about in the relative heat wondering how they were going to do this race when I ran into this guy with his whole family. He was freezing! Gloves, scarf, pants, long sleeved shirt and ear muffs!


The cool thing about this 5k is that it is for families. There are three waves. The third is the “walker” wave where the strollers are. In the pre-race paperwork (where I read my wardrobe malfunction would have popped me off the course) it is clearly stated that strollers are to be walked only at the end of the race in the walk section. That is way cool! The stroller people I talked with said they had no interest in running with the stroller. This is the family race and the parents each have their endurance event.


While I was trying to warm up my knee and feet a gal came up to me saying “I used to watch a really nice Chinese girl doing that. ” I smiled because I realized she was talking about my dear friend and elite race walker Susan Randall – who I had met only a year ago!

I inadvertently started with the first group, which was supposed to be out to 11 minute miles. The sign I thought I was following was 11-13 minute miles. Once I was slammed in the corral I realized I was in the first group – but after looking around, I knew they weren’t too hard on corrals.

I guess I have gotten sensitive about corral hopping because of the bad press tourist walkers and slow runners  have gotten because they have blocked those who belong in that wave.  Heck, when I am at speed, I am irritated by the traffic.

I guess I see my being able to move up in corrals as a “reward” for training and hard work.

The beginning of the 5k is where we walk up to the half marathon. See ya tomorrow!!

I am working by heart rate. I kept myself between 150-155 bpm, but the humidity killed me! I braced my knee but calves not right. I picked up a pair of compression calf sleeves, but they are the strongest compression. I might want slightly lighter. Will go back after I finish this post and a shower!

What was fun were the Dads and Daughters running together. I played a little leapfrog with a 10 year old. “Daddy – the tall lady walks faster than you run. Can I try?” Hey – next generation of racewalkers?


In Sacramento I met my buddy Franz from Austria. He has been great about sending me photos of his world. I am fascinated. So, so the only stop I made in this race was in Germany. About as close to Vienna as I was going to get! Franz was cheering me on from another time zone.

There were some characters along the course but it was serious dark.

I had heat issues. The surf board covered shirt is regular fabric and didn’t wick anything. I will probably wear something else as a top. I love my new race hat, but the standard issue with overheating there too. I look terrible in the skull caps, but they wick better for me. I will miss the bill of the cap. Gotta figure that out – it covers more of my face. Maybe a visor?

Wow – how vane am I? I am horribly color un-coordinated and I want to cover my face!


The finish line (photo is before the race) is in the same spot as the endurance races. Some of the stroller bragade said “I getta go across the same finish as mom and dad.”  What a cool thought! 

Cregh Kelly is a race promoter from Colorado and I have seen him after several races. I pushed the finish and crossed the course to say hi. He ended up interviewing me!! Ok – they need commentary.  I gave some props to the slower racers, Disney people and when he asked what I was going to do for the day I said “Eat and hang out in a hammock!  I got two more races this weekend!”


I was happy with my 5k. Not fast. 00:41:05. I remember looking quickly at my Garmin when I was in Germany. I have a screen set with time, heart rate, and pace. Not as concerned about pace. Problem was that pace wasn’t reading. Happens.

Funny to see Cregh at the end because I won his Stadium Stampede for women’s racewalk with a far slower time. Ok – no fast female racewalkers were there. This was a far more satisfying.

So – shower — hammock — then either back to the expo to find out about the compression sleeves or Downtown Disney –> whichever bus comes first.





5 responses

14 01 2012

Hey, nice report on the half. I read your “history” post too.

Money being tight: I mostly race cheap local club races and really enjoy them.

14 01 2012

Thanks Ollie. I do need to race locally, but I use my away races as a time to give myself some space and see/meet friends.

I will do local stuff if it fits with my training schedule.

History Post: Took a long time to feel comfortable saying something, but it came up. Maybe I was ready to deal with my being sad and understanding why I am drawn to parathletes.

14 01 2012

Note: the last 2-3 years I saw a one legged buy (blades) in the 12 hour run at FANS; he got 50+ miles.

14 01 2012

I have seen a lot of blade runners -AK (above knee) and BK (below the knee) – and grow in respect daily. I am also learning about hand crank wheelchair racing.

14 01 2012

Ooops…”guy”. 🙂

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