Half Morning

14 01 2012


Oh s*#t! Woke up with a headache and a really sore right foot. Hoping the headache will abate, but the foot is taking a little creative wrapping. I am simply making changes. As long as I don’t get my foot run over by a bloody stroller, I should be able to manage the pain.

Speaking of managing pain, I hope Art’s back is better and that the Dr Hoy’s keeps him glued together enough to get to the med station on the far side of the Magic Kingdom.

How pathetic is it that I know where the BioFreeze stations are?


Since I break the “nothing new on race day” thing with reckless abandon, here are this race’s items:

√ Longest walk in the KSwiss KRuz bowling shoes. They are the one’s I wore with snowshoes for training. The rep wants my video sent to the company in California. I would if I could edit it!

√ Compression calf sleeves. It took forever to get them over my swim flippers (feet). Note to self: put sock on first. Nervous about this because if they are too tight they will become $50 rags.

Coronado Springs has full transport busses, so I have to get there early. I had such fun with Larry since we both fed off our morning person attitude. Sacramento found me sleeping on Nyle’s shoulder going to the races. I love to stare at the ocean in Huntington Beach.

Going to be a lonely walk to the front. Meeting Not-A-Morning-Person Patti at the race start.

Oatmeal was really mushy like cardboard. Banana from yesterday’s food bag. Coffee. Apple. Hammer Heed. Put Hammer Perpetuim in my carry bottles and mixed a Recoverite for post race. Can’t guarantee I am getting a water at the end of the race that makes it through finish.

Patti, Roger, and I are going out to lunch after. I have never done that.

First things first. Concentrate on today’s race. Keep it loose and easy
Conquer the long hill outside the Magic Kingdom. Master the curve between mile 10 and 11. Deal with the rolling hills. And have fun.




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