Disney Expo & Memories

14 01 2012


Wow – flight out with 90 people!  Yippy Skip!

Got on the bus to Coronado Springs fast. This is amazing!

Did I mention in my first post that I actually packed early? Miss Bailey Boo (dog) has been feeling poorly and had thrown a spanner into my mental works. I decided that instead of my usual “I leave in 3 hours, I probably should pack” situation, I would have more respect for my racing and pack early. I did ok, only to find that I had only 1 of the standard 2 Disney baggage tags. This meant that only one of my bags would be delivered – and I ain’t no fool – it would be my 52 pound food bag!

I carried race clothes and books on the plane. I realized just how tired I was when I got turned around in the Orlando Airport. I know that confusing place — actually, small airports cause me more problems. I got my other bag and rolled to the amazingly short lines for the transport to Coronado Springs.

Coronado Springs is NOT my favorite Disney resort. It is their business convention resort which is nice when I go on an Insomnia Wander, but it is … boring. And, just to sound like a whack job, I swear I am allergic to the resort.

I got sick my first year there and I was unable to get my food right or even sleep the second. The second was my first Goofy.

I had to meet my friend Zach at the starting chaos! He said that the budget resorts were more interesting – Pop Century and Movies.

I like my funky, still over-priced budget Disney hotels simply because they are budget. I stayed at the Movies resort for the Frozen Goofy and it worked for the most part. I wanted to stay at the Pop Century.

  This go, however, I had real problems with time and I didn’t get my reservations in. If it looks like I am going back, I am making them immediately!

My room is the handicapped room. Makes me laugh because of thinking of my pal Zach. He didn’t get handicapped rooms usually “because the view sucks, Lis!”

Off to the Expo:

I remember my first time going to the Disney expo. Back in the day it was all in one place – or at least I think it was. I got on a bus while I was still trying to figure out the TNT wrist band nonsense. There was no real “guide” and I hadn’t gotten close to anyone on the team.

So, I got off and followed the herd to get in line to get my Marathon number.

I remembered listening to the conversations on the bus and feeling completely out of place. I was in awe of everything, but I don’t like feeling lost.

I had my signed waiver and wallet. I walked into what I think was called The Milk House and was overwhelmed. Nothing, except going to Trekkie Conventions in San Francisco when I was a kid could prepare me for overseeing such mass craziness.

Don’t get me wrong, I have worked, crewed, and manned the booths in industry expos if many industries, but when I did that, I had a purpose. Now, I was one of all those skinny runners.

How did I end up here?

On a dare of sorts.  My friend Heather tried to get me back in to running so when I came to my senses and moved back to California from Colorado we could run together.

I quickly got my bearings and got my packet, “goodie bag”, and my “large” shirt that fits my very thin mother perfectly!

Flash to 2013. They split the number pick up from bag pick up. The races are getting larger, but also probably to have us “vets” have to negotiate the booth floor.

I am used to one stop Goofy bib pick up. This year, the 5K pick up was upstairs with Goofy. It was then I found out a sticker was given to put on the outside of the bag. I would have to find out from Patti if they did this last year. I also found out that the 5k was untimed. Sigh.

I had to go downstairs for both the 1/2 and relay numbers. I was so tired my dyslexia was operating in overtime!

There was this neat pin for the Donald (1/2 marathon) to say how many times you had done the race. I thought of my friend Zach, who would be laughing as I couldn’t remember the number!

The info people weren’t a lot of help as to the relay. I knew I was there before Patti and, being the protective logistics freak that I am, I wanted all information I could gather. We weren’t going to have to pass anything, but other than that – and the most confusing “bag check system” I had ever read – I was hoping that we would only do the relay this one year.

There is a sort of mystique still around the Goofy, even after they started opening it to more people. I felt a pang of inadequacy realizing I wasn’t going to race it this year.  As I walked to the second part of the expo, I had to remind myself that I have specific goals and am completely detr


Standard Disney race zoo. Lost people not realizing they had to go to the back. “I’ll show ya!”

Three different race bags. Bib numbers and bag stickers for each race. Timing for the longer races is hard attached to the back of the bib. No more folding them to size.

Picking up the relay bib, it turned out that the gal giving me my shirt’s daughter racewalks and she started asking me about people that only a year ago were names but are now friends.

I have been having knee problems, so the only thing I was interested in were compression calf sleeves. I think I did the entire expo in 20 minutes.

I started writing Patti with the answers I got and went back with a few of hers. When I got outside, the Disney locals were in mufflers and gloves.

Tomorrow is the 5k. I think I might be doing too much while tired.



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