Thoughts from the hammock – yes I did remember pants – barely.

14 01 2012


I picked up a pair of those old fashioned ice bottles from the dollar store. I didn’t realize how needed they were! All the advice I got on my first blood blister was “pop the sucker ” but Coop texted me saying to leave it alone. Makes sense because for the area to fill with blood and lymph there have to be deep tears.

Breakfast was nice. I brought half home and ate it when I got up from my nap. I was thinking about spending time at the pool, but just dumped my legs in before my nap.

The room was stupidly hot and I am too brain dead to fix it. I probably should call the front. 

I packed a picnic of sorts and started out for Hammock Row. I came back quickly when I realized I was waddling about in a race shirt and panties!

I really need a baby-sitter!


These first of the year races are rough but I really have learned my lesson with non-training.

I wouldn’t mind a beer, but it is dehydrating. I still have that headache.

Tomorrow has the added bonus of being a relay. I have to get to Patti in time for her to finish. No pressure.

I am looking forward to being a competitor again.




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