Whichever Bus Comes First

14 01 2012

Whenever I have stayed at this resort, I have had to search for a hammock. This time, I am around the corner from Hammock Row. As I was watching people arrive on Thursday, I slipped into a hammock that was damp. Erf!

Strength and conditioning coach and friend Brian Cooper said I was under orders to do a lot of hammock time. Gotta love it! Of course that time came with the order to eat every two hours!

I tried that last night before the 5k and eating is so far from my mind! I had one of my camping food dinners and a variety of foods. I brought the handful of honey crisp apples but couldn’t bring bananas. I definately was in potassium deficit. I didn’t see any bananas at the Chiquita booth, but if the bus lottery has me going to the Expo before Downtown Disney, I will check.
image The Expo wasn’t all that for me this year. The Chiquita booth is buried in there, but I should be able to find it again.

I must admit that I am slightly lonely this year. I am remembering a lot of things. Zach would have been in my face for not motivating my own training and for forgetting my duck cap for the 15th Donald!!

image I am more centered. I think it is because I am deciding that I am attracting good people into my world as I make the hard decision to close the door on some of the emotional vampires and drags of my life. I know that sounds bitchy, but when you are weighted down by people who want to camp out on their pity pot, hold you in a place they believe you should be based on their own skewed perceptions or your past, or just are not moving forward.

Fear keeps us all immobile for a variety of reasons. I know people can be limiting with the best intentions, but I see what it has done to me.

I have to trust my instincts because they nearly always are right.

image Goals for the races:

√ Keep head in a good place, even if I have to do 15 minute miles.
√ Walk at an all day pace between 150-160 heart rate.
√ Let people go at the start and pull it out at the end.
√ Cut myself some slack
√ Don’t worry about time. Working on racewalking entire race – no drills or tourist walking.

It really is pretty quiet here. I am exhausted still. I am so over-packed – especially in food. If I remember, I will post the photos. The “handicaped” room has pretty good shelving. The best part is the hooked sink spout. I can easily fill bottles

Oh yeah – I am using one of those shaker bottles with a ball for Hammer’s Recoverite. What was really nice was that they put post race food in little bags. That would be awesome if they continued that!

I had better get going. Time for Bus Roulette:

Where am I going:

Expo then Downtown Disney?
Downtown Disney?

Let the Fates decide!




2 responses

14 01 2012

“No tourist walking”: I have to remember that. 🙂

14 01 2012

Oh Ollie – that is just for me. I have been dropping out of racewalking – no matter how crummy the form – into tourist walking when I start berating myself.

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