Yeah I know

17 01 2012


It is 0-dark-30 and maybe 5 degrees F if I am lucky. New school schedule finds me having to get on campus for 8 am physical education classes. Yeah – check my sanity at the door for winter!

The trains between 6:45 and 8 am are packed. I do have a way around it, as my commuting friends in NYC and SF can understand. Always have a way around just in case. However with Denver, there are only two lines.

First of the semester I never know what I need. This term, I am swapping off books to friends, prepping for properly training using the campus as a base, and have no clue what I left in my locker from last term. It is anyone’s guess if I remember the padlock combination!

I am looking forward to the training classes. Although my times weren’t stellar in Disney (yes I will get the Marathon posts finished) , they were consistent and I hit my goals more from a sport psychology standpoint. This sets me up better for the long bits of training I have coming up.

Jim Leppik sent me my schedule through February. I promised to make sure I contact and I have started a proper log for this. He, like me, has known my confidence has been in the toilet, so we are in a good place now.

Brian Cooper had me send Jim’s schedule to him. I had created an ambitious weights plan for myself, but I need direction. He is where I am going at this ungodly hour of the morning.

Train –> Train -> school.



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