Tuesday Train to School

24 01 2012


Yeah I know I need to finish Disney report, but waiting on a photo.

This weekend was the 50K Men’s Racewalk Olympic Qualification race. When I think about 31 miles in less than 4:10 being “too slow” to send more than one guy to the Olympics for Racewalk, my head spins. I don’t know many runners who can handle the distance in that speed especially if they know they are being judged on every step of their 1.25 km loop and can be disqualified in the last meters!

Also at this race was Erin Talcott-Taylor who qualified to race with the boys using their qualifying time. In her case, as she set/broke American Women’s Racewalk records along the way, she had to finish without being disqualified for them to count.

Back in my little realm, I am plodding away building base. You have to have a solid foundation upon which to draw from.

This semester is 4 days of solids in a row. I have some holes in the day, but with Denver having unpredictable weather, I am having to split up longer walks among treadmills when I can get them, runner machines and outside.

I learned after my swim class that I might have my nutrition set for school but not for when I push myself. I have a bad habit of “not counting ” phys ed classes into my caloric expenditure.

Yeah Coach Brian Cooper is figuratively bouncing my head off a wall on that one!

So – today it is three bags —
1. Book bag
2. Snacks/lunch
3. Books/notes loaning friends.

Weighs a ton!! There is a reason why I am trying to catch trains early enough to work out 1/2 hr before classes!




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