Woke up crabby and …

26 01 2012


Even my bookbag is telling me to get back to bed!!

Seriously – first full week of school finishes today and I am tired. I recall a supposedly very learned employer of mine scoffing at a Ph.D in “PE” saying it was a waste. I am working harder and learning more applicable stuff than I have in years!

It is the getting up at 3-4 am that is taking getting used to.

I use that morning time right now as “me” time. I have to train after classes so between classes I am in the library with my android medical dictionary ap open!

I am not really complaining, just glad that I am taking time for me and putting me first. I know that there are those who find that kind of rude, but I am respecting my free time, I have to hope others will too. I am trying to get better at respecting others’ time by scheduling mine better.

That reminds me – I have to write a friend!

Train done.



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