All taped up and ready to go…

4 06 2012

      Well – not a terrific day to walk in Denver as when I got home it was 100 degrees F on my balcony. I thought of going to the treadmill at the 24 hour fitness then the power went out.
      Lemons and limes make a great  lemonade!
     I read my anatomy, started a study guide, watered the withering tomato plants and then started thinking about tomorrow’s walk.
     I have to get out early and make the most of it.
      In my rehabbing my self, I have been tackling both ends at once: Sport Psych for my head and KT tape for my feet.
      Coach Brian Cooper and I were talking and he suggested this to me. He got just about as much resistance and reluctance from me as when he suggested a jumper on my tibialis (knee). The fact that I have to use 4 strips and a spool of 20 precut Pro Grade (solid) strips costs $20 at the local Sports Authority didn’t have me thrilled. The pro tape, however, has lasted up to three days of my punnishing it and then doing water walking.
     The proof is in my feet remaining live longer than they did with my custom orthodics. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of orthodics but I prefer to be barefoot with strong and active feet.
     So, I taped up my feet and I am on my balcony listening to windchimes and the rumble of the apartment fountain. Wind is blowing and I am enjoying my cup of tea and book on the balcony.





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