Motivation takes time

6 06 2012

     Don’t get me wrong. I do love to workout and train. Sometimes, however, all the nonsense of life takes precidence.
     I set a very modest goal for today. I have not been feeling well and school just restarted. It has also been stupid hot here. 
     Ok – stupid hot for a Native San Franciscian.
     I had lunch downtown Denver with a good friend I definately don’t see enough of and got home to do more studying. Backside hit the couch and it took my staring across the room at a pair of retired race shoes for me to get off my keester and get changed.
      I am always surprised how hard it can be for me to do something I like for me, until I remember that the past few years of training has been frustrating and discouraging.
      The only way to get “back where I belong” is a day and a step at a time.  I know that I have not enjoyed my working out because of my letting outside concerns crowd out the fun of the moment – or experience of the moment.
      I walked down to the park noting what I have to do when I get back. In a way, I left those concerns on the path down so I could collect them as I walked back.
      My training walk was good. Not perfect but good. The big thing was that I got out, did a couple good miles, and picked up my things to do list that I psychically left on the side of the path. Interestingly, the untidy list I had left was now neatly organized.
     The best part about breaking a routine and exercising is that the brain gets fresh blood and the body re-energized.
      Does for me at least. Give it a shot.
       Train ride done.




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