Embracing my Inner Treetrunk

25 09 2012


The other title for this post was far more mundane and about goals. By the time I shot the photo of what was around me, I forgot the boring title! Yeah!

About a week ago, I went back to the San Francisco Bay Area where I was raised. I don’t go back all that often, but when I do, I sometimes come back with a little more perspective. This trip was so fast and had so much going on, it is anyone’s guess what I came back with!

I looked around a lot. Part of my studying/analyzing media is because of the way I was affected (effected? Never get those words right). I have never been a “skinny girl” naturally. The hardest part of being my build is that I really don’t have the build of my folks or sibling, nor do I have the body type so massively depicted as “desirable” in the mass mediated reality.

I am The Family Viking. I am a mosh pit of genetic material, but definately reflect the “bigger” side of the gene pool. As I age, I have come to some peace with it, except when I realize the 5’10” 176 pound me isn’t well represented as a “female ideal.” A lesbian friend said it was harder for the straight me because I am “competing” with Barbie.

Well, at least I am healthy.

One of the areas I have to come to grips with are my life long tree-trunk legs. I know that I am not built for endurance, but I keep trying for it. I had to think about why?

The only thing I miss about running was running trails and pounding up hills. I thought that meant I am an endurance kitty. No – that means I have the mental fortitude (when directed) to do anything I put my mind toward.

Today, I was reminded that I probably have more fast twitch over slow twitch muscle percentage and that, although I will always do endurance work, it is about time I started training what I got.

Funny thing is that I do like the push of speed work. I recover fast. I am finally making the commitment to not only to do what I am physically built to do but channel my fortitude into understanding two new sports (that require gear and weather)  and, after Goofy 2013, my longest may be the 1/2 marathon for running and, maybe, 30k for race walking. No, not because I can’t do things, but because I am sick of the injuries I incur swimming upstream.

Walking forward and taking a hard left. Time to rewrite goals.




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