Kingsport Today

29 09 2012


Well, today marks my first properly judged 5k. Wow. Can’t sleep only because I have too many variables and the room is too hot. Sitting outside in something like 96% humidity and 67 degrees. Cool and sticky!

Yesterday, Marianne Martino, a friend and racewalker I admire boatloads from Denver area saw me.

“Lizzy – are you a part of HART?” HART is High Altitude Racewalk Team from Colorado. After I said I was she said, sternly, “Good. Now you, Rita and I are a team. You better not DQ!” And off she bopped to warm up. Ok. I was planning on finishing, but with Marianne on the sidelines yelling in either English or German, I better!

It is actually a bit chilly for me right now. I am waiting until 5am to use the microwave in the room because I have roommates. 

Warm up the toes and listen to the chirping bugs.



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