A friend of mine has a blog here and another friend said it’d be neat to read one about someone who is discovering a new sport at age 42.  I’m hoping that this will be fun and will let others know how it is OK to try new things …. crash and burn …. rise out of it … dust self off …. and try to keep going.

I’m FAR From perfect … which is apparent … but in a world where we’re actually becoming more separate … it’s time to pull it together and re-learn how to make every day an adventure!

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30 09 2007

Hello fellow DMcG student,

Nice blog! I read a few of your entries and can totally relate.

Good luck with your racewalk training!

2 07 2012
Eileen Turner

Dear Liz. Thank you so much for your kind words about my father, Eugene Turner. Though he passed away 2 years ago, in the back of my car are boxes filled with hand typed articles about teaching. He was a marvel. I’m glad you got to work with him at the ice rink.

21 09 2012

So sorry this took me so long to reply to. Your father is one of the templates I am using for my own new career as a coach – no not skating. So sorry for your loss. One of the truly great coaches and men!

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