February is the month that starts life a-new!

2 02 2011


February is a great month. One month in to the year, and the month set aside as the Official Month of Love. People buy cards for friends, loved ones, & significant others (& those we might want as signifigant others ūüėČ ). But what about the most significant one of all? Ourselves.

I picked up P90X toward the end of last year as a present to myself.  I was frustrated with how my year had gone and knew that I needed some inspiration. In reading the accompanying documentation (unlike many I really do read the accompanying documents), I started to feel like I was potentially in over my head.  By the same token, there was something really reassuring about what I was reading.

First and foremost, there are positive disclaimers.¬† The test to see if I can handle the program was well written and positive.¬† What I mean is that the impression I got was “OK – this is a really intensive program that requires a higher base level of fitness. If you aren’t there, yet, you can get there through strong building blocks.”

Friends are surprised to hear me state that although I could probably shove myself through P90X,  but I realized how completely out of shape I am. I could very easily do some nasty damage by shoving myself through.

A big part of any training is the patience gleaned by the step-by-step growth.¬† Wow,¬† did the forever impatient Dizzy Lizzie just peck that out on her ‘Droid? I learned this when I was at Caminata in January where my knee hampered keeping up with my pals. There was a concern that I wasn’t getting a lot out of my stay, but among the many things I came home with, I came home with a sense of self and the understanding that I have to build my foundation one reasonably patient step at a time. I had to watch, learn, ask questions, and try things slowly while I became one with ice packs. The trying things slowly made me really feel what was going on in my body and reconnect

I picked up P90 as my holiday present but didn’t have the time to really look at it until recently. I like some of the recipies, as they do fall in with my desire to eat better and are easy for a single person.¬† I don’t know if I will strictly be following the diet simply based on my schedule and budget, but you never know.

Today is Groundhog day, and the news media said that Phil saw his shadow. That means that even though it is -12 on my balcony here in Denver, Spring is around the corner. This also means that I am going to build this body into one I am comfortable living in, racing with & showing off!

Bring it, Baybee!

On Line Logs

19 01 2010

Ok – I’m lazy.¬† I am trying to find a way to log my workouts on-line that I can share with people.¬† My handwriting so completely sucks and I use abbreviations that others may or may not get when I scan them.¬†

I used to use the Garmin¬†upload site, however I don’t always use the Garmin.¬† Sometimes I’m using a Polar, sometimes I’m inside.¬† I tried MapMyFitness.com but it was extremely irritating that I had to break everything down so much.¬†

Remember – I’m lazy.

Part of my doing this is because I’m in the Biggest Loser challenge at Super Slow Zone.¬† There will be a segment for my progress on this on the pages section.¬† I realized how my completely messed up eating has affected me: mentally and physically.¬† I think I’m the only one who isn’t one of their clients.¬† I need to write out what they have as my fat levels.

I have to be careful because of my functional anorexic past.¬† I’m careful about scale weight because I’ve been told I don’t look like I’m my weight.¬† I’m concerned on the fat thing because that I can see.¬†

I’m playing¬†with one called OnLineFitnessLog.com¬† … will let you know.¬† The first check for me was to see that they had listings for both Walking and Race Walking. Since I’m looking for an overview site, this might be interesting.¬† I’ve also not figured out exactly how it’ll work with track and interval work.¬† I can be anal retentive in writing but just want an overview for the on-line figures.

I’ll keep you posted.¬†