P90 Day 3 – sorry neighbors!

4 02 2011


Leaving for Huntington Beach training walk in a couple hours. I have some calf soreness and a bit in the obliques. Since I am irritated with my post-45 weight so I am wearing sweats on the plane.

I really do like this series. Reminders of doing things at my pace and well timed. I know I will have it memorized pretty quick.

I think the best part of this first week of restart is my personal observations. I know that this happens to me, but I forget at times when things get too hectic.

I have been interested in cooking but was thinking “nah I don’t really have the time.” Actually, I can see how I can make the time for it. My salt intake has been back to trace because I have no interest in crap! 

I have been looking around again and know that if we give ourselves a few minutes, we can really go a long way. I look at where I am now compared to last year and I wonder how I put up with stuff for that long.

Don’t give me that Coach’s Scowl, Tony Horton!  I am taking the next couple of days for a race!

Life is better when you are moving and smiling. I have a wonderful dog and my attitude is loving it!

P90 Day 2 – consider my butt kicked!

3 02 2011

I know that I am out of shape, but this really got me going. Well – after I finished the workout, I got to thinking about how far I have to go and how good I will feel when I meet my first goal:

Mastering these two routines.

I am taking the weekend off only because I have a training walk masquerading as a race. I will be leaving the snow of Denver for California. I will miss my dog, do my homework, and get back at it!

P90 Day 1 – Not as Bambi-like as I thought

2 02 2011

I watched the videos yesterday and tried out a few things here and there, so I count today as the first day of the new me.

I spread a couple of yoga mats on the floor. Wait, did I mention that I have four of those heavy foam mats as part of my living room floor? A friend of mine gave me the for heavy puzzle squares over the holidays. I picked up some heavy fabric to cover the red/blue mats creating a kind of workout area in the living room while creating kind of a barrior for my downstairs neighbors and my potential jumping around at all hours of my insomniac life.

Where was I?

OK – I found my yoga toe pieces which make my feet just a smidgen stickier so I can be barefooted (even when it is bloody cold) while working out. I crossed two yoga mats on the floor. My covering on the puzzle mats isn’t attached tightly until I figure out what I am doing with the covering.

I don’t have the routine memorized at this point. Coach Bailey Boo was glaring at me as I had problems with my balance. I could see the routine is balanced, right-left, well timed and fun. Tony Horton is chatty but not irritating.  Since the filming is straight through, there are imperfections: correcting the “Kids”, nearly forgetting an exercise, and sweat showing through the T-shirt.  It is reality v. Perfection.

I really like the warming up, two sets through each series of three exercises, and the fact that Tony doesn’t take himself too seriously! I had problems with the first few moves and surprised myself with the ease at which I was able to do the “boxing ” ones. Hummmmm. The last bit – Abs – I felt a bit like a turtle, but felt really good.

Finished and made myself a smoothie: frozen strawberries, protein powder, Greek yoghurt,  and orange/pineapple juice.

Thanks, Tony, for reminders to breathe and to do things at my own rate. I have a lot of growth to do and the time to get there.

February is the month that starts life a-new!

2 02 2011


February is a great month. One month in to the year, and the month set aside as the Official Month of Love. People buy cards for friends, loved ones, & significant others (& those we might want as signifigant others 😉 ). But what about the most significant one of all? Ourselves.

I picked up P90X toward the end of last year as a present to myself.  I was frustrated with how my year had gone and knew that I needed some inspiration. In reading the accompanying documentation (unlike many I really do read the accompanying documents), I started to feel like I was potentially in over my head.  By the same token, there was something really reassuring about what I was reading.

First and foremost, there are positive disclaimers.  The test to see if I can handle the program was well written and positive.  What I mean is that the impression I got was “OK – this is a really intensive program that requires a higher base level of fitness. If you aren’t there, yet, you can get there through strong building blocks.”

Friends are surprised to hear me state that although I could probably shove myself through P90X,  but I realized how completely out of shape I am. I could very easily do some nasty damage by shoving myself through.

A big part of any training is the patience gleaned by the step-by-step growth.  Wow,  did the forever impatient Dizzy Lizzie just peck that out on her ‘Droid? I learned this when I was at Caminata in January where my knee hampered keeping up with my pals. There was a concern that I wasn’t getting a lot out of my stay, but among the many things I came home with, I came home with a sense of self and the understanding that I have to build my foundation one reasonably patient step at a time. I had to watch, learn, ask questions, and try things slowly while I became one with ice packs. The trying things slowly made me really feel what was going on in my body and reconnect

I picked up P90 as my holiday present but didn’t have the time to really look at it until recently. I like some of the recipies, as they do fall in with my desire to eat better and are easy for a single person.  I don’t know if I will strictly be following the diet simply based on my schedule and budget, but you never know.

Today is Groundhog day, and the news media said that Phil saw his shadow. That means that even though it is -12 on my balcony here in Denver, Spring is around the corner. This also means that I am going to build this body into one I am comfortable living in, racing with & showing off!

Bring it, Baybee!

:20 Daily Stretch w/Madeline Lewis

6 07 2009

Overview: We all need to stretch more. This links both stretching with balance.

Okey dokey. I bought this a long time ago and started doing it off and on about a year ago. There is just one person and it’s well timed.

  • Ups
    ** Stretching routine that incorporates balance
    ** Fairly easy to follow once you get it down
  • Downs
    ** Stretching routine that incorporates balance and those of us with balance issues need to take this into consideration!  I keep a chair nearby, but it’s been a little frustrating. Just need to keep mind a bit more concentrated on what I’m DOING vs. what I am MISSING
    ** One Person only and no real modifications unless you go looking for them.
    ** I get discouraged when my balance is off, but it means I have to plug away at it.

Butt Kicking: Medium. For me it is more balance issues and I can get that taken care of by concentrating which is something I need to work on. I do get bored in this because I get frustrated with myself.

:08 Sports Conditioning Mini Yoga Workouts – Rodney Yee

6 07 2009

Overview: A series of mini workouts designed to stretch out athletes of a variety of sports (running, tennis, golf, cycling and swimming) to make sure they’re balanced.

Normally, I refer to Rodney Yee as Rodney “He-Is-Trying-To-Kill-Me” Yee. This go around, all is good. The 8 minute workout for running stretches the muscles used for walking … no kidding … and, better yet, is so easy that it is memorable.

Instead of using a chair, I’m using the edge of my entertainment center, as it is the right height for my leg.

  • Ups:
    ** 8 minutes
    ** Both sides done evenly
    ** Peaceful
  • Downs:
    ** The hyper peaceful music drives some friends of mine to violence as does his measured voice. Since it’s a simple and easy to remember routine, just set a timer!

Recommend: Yeah
Butt Kicking: Not really, except when you realize you really do need to stretch more

:30 Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shread

6 07 2009


Jillian Michaels is the “no nonsense/no excuses” trainer from The Biggest Loser. Realize something, I have a lot of respect for the show – with, of course, some reservations. She is known for her attitude and I’ve got a lot of respect for her. There are three different levels on this disc. Work through one level and then move from there.  There are three gals – Michaels talking throughout with two trim gals doing the exercises on either side.

  • Ups:
    **Three different levels of working out.
    **The ability to turn OFF the talking and just have the bouncy soundtrack
    **A very hard workout which is different than the ones I usually do.
  • Downs – with possible resolutions:
    **If you’re not accustomed to counting how many times you do a circle (to the left or to the right; crossing left over right or crossing right over left) you’re doing leg, body and arm circles only in one direction. 
          ##When watching the tape for the first time, make note of it and just count.

Butt Kicking Potential — VERY high!
Current Level — OOFAH!!!