:08 Sports Conditioning Mini-Workouts – Rodney Yee – Gaiam

Overview: A series of mini workouts designed to stretch out athletes of a variety of sports (running, tennis, golf, cycling and swimming) to make sure they’re balanced.

Normally, I refer to Rodney Yee as Rodney “He-Is-Trying-To-Kill-Me” Yee. This go around, all is good. The 8 minute workout for running stretches the muscles used for walking … no kidding … and, better yet, is so easy that it is memorable.

Instead of using a chair, I’m using the edge of my entertainment center, as it is the right height for my leg.

  • Ups:
    ** 8 minutes
    ** Both sides done evenly
    ** Peaceful
  • Downs:
    ** The hyper peaceful music drives some friends of mine to violence as does his measured voice. Since it’s a simple and easy to remember routine, just set a timer!

Recommend: Yeah
Butt Kicking: Not really, except when you realize you really do need to stretch more

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