:20 Daily Stretch – Madeline Lewis – Gaiam

Overview: We all need to stretch more. This links both stretching with balance.

Okey dokey. I bought this a long time ago and started doing it off and on about a year ago. There is just one person and it’s well timed.

  • Ups
    ** Stretching routine that incorporates balance
    ** Fairly easy to follow once you get it down
  • Downs
    ** Stretching routine that incorporates balance and those of us with balance issues need to take this into consideration!  I keep a chair nearby, but it’s been a little frustrating. Just need to keep mind a bit more concentrated on what I’m DOING vs. what I am MISSING
    ** One Person only and no real modifications unless you go looking for them.
    ** I get discouraged when my balance is off, but it means I have to plug away at it.

Butt Kicking: Medium. For me it is more balance issues and I can get that taken care of by concentrating which is something I need to work on. I do get bored in this because I get frustrated with myself.

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