:30 Jillian Michaels 30 day shread – Jillian Michaels

shreadYou know Jillian Michaels. She’s the Hard Ass from The Biggest Loser … or put in a more polite way “no nonsense/no excuses” trainer from The Biggest Loser. Realize something, I have a lot of respect for the show – with, of course, some reservations. The thing I like about her is she’s got a good attitude and unlike most females leading fitness videos, Jillian has some depth to her voice!

I found this video one one of those days that I just wanted to jump start myself in a big way. I have a lot of respect for Jillian”s attitude and am in awe of her drive watching The Biggest Loser. It took a while for me to pick it up because the last thing I needed was another video that was going to gather dust. There are three different levels on this disc. Work through one level and then move from there.  There are three gals – Michaels talking throughout with two trim gals doing the exercises on either side.

What the heck – I bought it.

This is definitely a video that is very high energy and you move for  the entire time. I am still on the first segment after on-and-off for a month. It’s simply because I’ve not been able to do it every day … or I think Jillian might kill me!

Until I started researching for this little review, I didn’t know that this video is considered Advanced. Honestly, I do agree with it because of the high energy nature of the video. The music is high energy and Jillian’s voice does carry – so this isn’t an early morning or for a quiet apartment. I live on the third floor and have wonderful downstairs neighbors who put up with me bouncing around up here.

The ups on this video is that there are three different levels. … as I say, I”m barely on level one. Jillian has two other gals with her and she splits among them showing modified and not-so-modified versions of the moves. She not only talks through the videos, she does most of the workout … including proving she’s not extremely flexible. I like that kind of honesty.

Downers: This truly is an advanced workout even on the beginning level simply based on the speed at which she moves. Also, I noticed on the knee warm-ups, she only goes in one direction. I noticed there were problems on the count that way — what I mean is that I found myself counting how many of whatever exercise I did on one side and make sure I do the same number on the other side.

Uppers: One heck of a challenge. Three different levels of working out. The ability to turn OFF the talking and just have the bouncy soundtrack. A very hard workout which is different than those I usually do.

In rotation, but I’ve  got to be careful with this.

Grade B — Based on it being a lot harder than one would expect on the first level, not even count etc. Just be careful if you’re going in to this one.

Butt Kicking Potential — VERY high!
Current Level — OOFAH!!!

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