:55 and :30 Pilates by Mari Windsor – Gaiam Version

Ok – how I got in to Pilates was when Mom bought the Winsor Pilates series probably from Amazon.com. It was rather interesting being “schooled” by my mother who was rocking through her exercise videos. The :20 DVD series is/was pretty good. Mom gave me her initial disc about a year ago because she’s not doing it much anymore. Review will definately be in this series if it isn’t already!

When I was at the Safeway here in Denver, I noticed that Gaiam had Mari Winsor doing one of their Pilates videos. I have *not* liked the Anna Cabana (sp) ones that I was trying to supplement my actual mat classes with. Mari’s moves felt closer to what I was learning in class. I was surprised that she was doing Gaiam, but then again she’s considered an expert in Pilates located in Hollywood.

55 Minute Practice: I’m watching the 55 minute practice part on the video as I type this. There is one thing I’m noticing that I don’t much care for. In Yoga for Weight Loss, the viewer has the option to choose what modification (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or none) so when you’re being cued the cues are simply for what you’re doing. This video has all three girls with Mari in one shot. After many :20 – :30 minute videos, this one feels like forever! It starts on the Pilates 100 and ends on the Seal.

Lucy, Sandy and Missy – (although the credits say Mari … ) Lucy is the lead in the front with Missy is the “modification” gal. She’s the one one not wearing a jog-bra open stomach top and obviously isn’t low body fat. Mari makes mentions back to Missy, but spends most of her time with the hal in the front … who is about as wide as my thigh! There is a third gal (Sandy) that is never referenced. It might have been better to just have the two gals and pop between the two of them like Rodney Yee does in the Yoga for Athletes. If it is your first time, pay attention to the fact that Missy has a pillow and doesn’t do a lot of the

Music is there, but not really in your face. It’s not what a friend would call the “nausiating new age give-me-a-break” stuff of most yoga videos. It is kind of a techno beat and you can’t get rid of it. It doesn’t bother me at all, but then again, I can listen to just about anything.

What does bother me is since I’m not a beginner to this very basic, but good, standard Pilates routine, I have a feeling that the comments back to Missy are going to be irritating to me when I’m not in the mood to hear it. Fortunately, Mari’s voice is a lot more calm than in the Windsor Pilates discs. Since 90% of the time, I’m using the discs for cues, I’ll just have to deal with it. Mari’s pronounciation of the word vertebrae as “ver-te-bra” bothered me, but how many words to I pronounce with my own inflection?!

For a beginner … it’s not bad, but I think I’ve probably said this before. It’s a whole lot better to take a class to have an instructor making sure you know what you’re doing before doing a tape. But, if you watch it and pay attention to Missy when they shooth her, you’ll be ok probably.

Gripes: Uber skinny chicks, not separating out the levels on different choices, the music that can’t be changed, and not being able to get rid of Mari’s comments re: Missy before the next exercise. Also the fact that the two “fit” gals are all rib-cage.

I am laughing because in one move, the “lead” gal drops out too fast, so obviously this was shot all in one shot.

Kudos: One of the last series that doesn’t have modifications, she says to wait and try again. There are modifications, however, if you look at Missy in the back! Mari being more calm than in other discs. A really good routine with a few things that they told me were “advanced” moves. No extra stuff, unless you need a pillow. A sticky mat is standard.

I am a bit concerned about the advanced moves that I didn’t get well in the classes, but I thingk I can get them. The last 5 moves are potentially going to kill me!

*** Time to give it a try ***

Sweatty mess be me! My balance still sucks and I was right that I had some problems with control on the more advanced moves. I had to catch myself from going too fast because much was familiar. It’ll be good to push myself through this. It does feel like it takes forever but


:20 Quick Start Ooohh Look – Lucy and Sandy have switched places. In looking for a :20 minute quick start, I’m not looking for a lot of talking and explanation. Since there is no way to change this, this will cause me to go for the more “hyper” Mari which I’m not really happy about. I’m usually doing :20 minute videos one after the other in the morning and I’m sad that this isn’t going to really work, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. I need the cuing and so I can’t get rid of the audio completely.

First part is a warm up … then she goes in to the Pilates 100 and cues Missy to pull out the pillow not mentioned in the long form … but the music is techno dance music with a fair amount of high end. It’s not really necessary.

This disc has the same problem with holding the exercise to talk to the beginners. This could be curbed by doing a couple of takes – one for modified beginners and one not.

I do like Mari Winsor for actually doing Pilates the way that I’ve had good classes teach. She does explain, hold the moves a goo amount o ftime. She also is good about counting and making sure both sides get the same amount of work – something that is a problem in a lot of videos.

As of right now, I give this a B+ – it’s high because it is well timed, standard or classic Pilates exercies series. Will I hate it for the first month that I’m doing the long version … oh yeah! I’m concerned, as I say, that the ending of the long form routine contains advanced moves that are a little tricky to do … but they can be skipped until they’re understood. Her timing, cues etc is good.

Will be going in to rotation … L.


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4 11 2010
Track Jacket ·

you can check out lots of free yoga videos on youtube, i learn a lot from it “”

17 11 2010

I agree but sometimes the home versions work well for continuity. The other thing is they usually have a sense of balance to them. Utilizing the Internet to learn more about poses is also good.
Many people, however, will purchase the DVD over having a computer screen nearby,. Maybe as technology changes, people will use internet based sites for exercise.
Thanks for your comment!

10 12 2010

They are there, the problem is if you’re dealing with them directly on your computer. I am warry of the stuff I have found on the Internet especially for beginners. Step by step works well and is reliable. Thanks for your comment!

29 11 2010
Alecia Moyerman

hello! I recovered your page on another site .Check my rakeback full tilt www. It’s really well written and it helped me a lot.

10 12 2010

Thanks! I am just about to start doing more reviews and incorporate them into my regular posts.

3 12 2010
Curtain Panels

i learned all my yoga skills just by watching yoga videos online and just immitating what they do `.-

10 12 2010

You’re the second person who has mentioned On-Line. Always be careful to make sure you are able to get good instructional. I like discs because I’m not dependent on an internet connection … No Excuses Exercise! Thanks!

26 05 2011
zhenskaya obuv

All perfectly done

27 05 2011
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I am glad you wrote this great article and shared it here. You made great and poignant points that I can agree with and understand. I will shurely post a link to https://teamshep.wordpress.com/home-video-reviews/55-and-30-pilates-by-mari-windsor-gaiam-version/ on my site.

2 06 2011

Thanks for sharing!!!

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