2009 – 8/24/09 Edit

 8/24/09 – Cha-cha-cha changes! I’m not going to go to New York this year. Really can’t afford it and question if my training will be up for it. My buddy has ALS, so I’m doing a walk-a-thon for her. I do things, as we know, because they mean something to me.

Travelling: I’ll be in the following states around the following months for the following races:
California:     October, November, (2010) February, March
Colorado:       Aww heck – that’s not travelling
Florida:            (2010) January (smile)
Nevada:            Las Vegas in December(?)
Virginia:          Virginia Beach in September, (2010) March(?)
New York:       October


September: Goal: Focus on those long miles
     9/6: Virginia Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon www.rnrvb.com
     9/12: 3 mile walk for ALS – Proud to be a part of Struby’s Strutters for my buddy Kate.
 9/19: End Of Watch Memorial for Agent Edward Hockom & Agent Michael Thomas – 5K

October: Goal: PR on the Birthday again! Play at the Gorilla – have fun!
     10/4: San Jose Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon www.sjrnr.com
     10/18: this thing in New York … need to register.
     10/31: Denver Gorilla Run 5.7K www.denvergorillarun.org

November: Goal: Beat the current 40-49 record by a LARGE margin and come in better than 4th.
     11/08 Fresno Two Cities 1/2 Marathon www.runfresno.com

December: Goal: Seriously start training for Goofy
     12/6 Las Vegas Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon www.rnrlasvegas.com w/Team Challenge


January 2010: Goal: To GET the Goofy with good times each.
      1/9 Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
      1/10 Walt Disney World Full Marathon

February:  Goal: GET THE DAMN DATE RIGHT! 😉
     2/7 Surf City 1/2 Marathon www.runsurfcity.com

March Goal: 
     Interested in trying the Easy Strider’s 10K again in Huntington Beach and the Shamrock 1/2 Marathon in Virginia Beach.


Previous Edit Notes:

3/21/09: Well – still in some pain … but just found out I’m in the Nike Women’s Marathon. This truly means that I’m only doing what is “approved” by Dave because I don’t want the problems of last year. Edits below – Lizzy

3/18/09: Getting the groove back … need to work on the confidence … but what the heck … let’s get going! –> Edits Below. Potentially a splattering of 5k’s just to keep myself motivated. Seeing Chiropractor tonight and starting to feel better. Lizzy

3/16/09: I’m sitting in Hermosa Beach hoping I didn’t get a parking ticket. Completely blew the Huntington Beach 20K. Need to do something about my confidence level because it’s currently residing about 4 paces behind me. Need to train and re-build because I’m injured again. Edits below. Cheers – Lizzy

3/26/09: I’m giggling at my editing this thing mainly. Since I put up the “only doing what is on the list”, I’ve had more “temptation” from some of my more well-meaning friends! It’s like giving up chocolate for Lent and suddenly everything is made of the stuff! The reason for the “moratorium” is because last year was one big, long, insane race. Let’s get real … whatever downtime which should have been recovery and building a base for the next race found me limping my way to the next start line. I’m not complaining, really, because I learned an insane amount … but the cost has been my formerly stronger right leg. In an effort to get me back in the game healthy I’m onlydoing what makes it through Da Coach’s screening process. Of course, I might be handed some curve balls, but after this week of stumbling … it’s what I’m sticking to … and … like giving up Chocolate for Lent … I’m never going to make that mistake again! 😉  Love – Lizzy

 4/13/09: Edit time again!  This one will probably bring a smile to a lot of folks even though they know how hard it is for me to do. I’m pulling out of crew leading the Komen 3-Day here in Denver. There are a lot of reasons why I wanted to do it, but a couple which caused me to really re-think it. Time is a big factor. Anyone who knows me knows I put a lot into whatever I do. This one is at the end of August and diving right into what appears to be a very busy fall. I need to truly have all my personal ducks in a row before September. I’m doing the Georgetown Race to have something to look forward to, but that’s it.

5/23/09 – It’s 2 a.m. and I’ve just finished doing an edit for the birth of my new bud Cavan … which means that I’d better get my training in line or not only will I be chasing friends in their 50’s but Cavan who will pass me at age 5! Old age and tretchery! 😉  The changes in the schedule reflect more of a re-group and positive outlook on things. I’ve moved the old stuff to the very end …. and added what I know … Love – Lizzy

5/30/09: I’m getting smarter! Right now I am pretty safe up to around 8 miles with the calf and since I’ve got some 1/2 merrythons I want to do well with, I’m going to gut the schedule a bit. I’m actually really happy with that. However, I’m probably making DMcG thank the chip gods for making it easy to erase and re-write my schedule!!!

 6/29/09: A handful of changes and some new perspectives. Stadium Stampede was slow and my leg has been hard to deal with. However, I do believe things happen when they’re supposed to. I met what appears to be a good chiropractor, realigned myself, and taking a lot of pressure off. After my microwave died, Mom got me one of those Sharp grill/convection oven/microwave things and I’ve actually been eating better. I’ve paid attention to some things and am, most of all, really putting my health first. Dr. Dr. – the Chiropractor – made a comment about my pulling together my team in order to do the miles, be the best I can be and make it a lifestyle. Sometimes it takes a 29 year old chiropractor you meet while standing in socks in the mud to say the obvious. Wow … with 2 days left, I’m actually meeting the goals! Time for a watermelon/grape juice! Hugs – Lizzy

8/3/09: Post clinic/Roughly one month into chiropractic: I think this weekend was one of the better ones to help with my motivation. Since my racing is part of what makes my life work, I’m teaching myself that training as a big part of that.


Previous Schedule:

January: Goal: Finishing both healthy. 
     1/10: Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon: Orlando, Fl – 2:45:28
      1/11: Walt Disney World Full Marathon: Orlando, Fl – 6:20 58

February: Goal: At LEAST 2:40:38 or better.
     2/1: Super Bowl 5K: Denver, CO – 00:37:18 (official)
     2/8: Surf City 1/2 Marathon: Huntington Beach, CA http://www.runsurfcity.com/
     2/22: Run the Republic: Denver Stair Climb for Team CoPD+  – 00:16:15

March: Goal: First judged race. Not getting DQ’d would be nice!
     3/15: Easy Striders: St. Pat’s Day USTAF 20K  Crash and burn – Did Not Finish

April: Goal: Learn how to behave myself and do what I should … stronger and onward and upward.
     4/23: OH MY GOSH – I’ll be in California that weekend for the 50th anniversary of my high scool. Will update this later.

May: Goal: To start with and finish with runners. Less than 1:14:00
      5/25: Bolder Boulder 10K – Registered for Running wave sub-71 minutes www.bolderboulder.com 1:19:21 … ok next year … WATCH OUT BOULDER!
      5/30: See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon – Alameda, CA www.seejanerun.com 2:54 …. chhchchchchanges!

June: Goal: Focus, priorities, and nutrition.
     6/14: Garden of the Gods 10 Mile www.garden10mile.com
     6/21: Stadium Stampede 5K – 40:19 … time to make those changes!

July: Goal: Training in the heat. Focus. Speed. Distance.

August: Goal: Confidence.
     31 July – 2 August – World Class Racewalking Clinic – Denver
     15 August – Thomas Dietzman End Of Watch Race Series – 5K – Aurora
     8/8: Georgetown-Idaho Springs 1/2 Marathon

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