2010 – Where am I again? Wheee!!!

2010 … Wheeeeee!!!!
What’s on the Schedule Right Now:

19 January 2010 

Goals:   And awaaaaayyyy  we go … 
The Fun & Games Department!!!

  • Stronger, Faster, More Efficient, Happy Athlete
  • Compete In and Grow in Confidence in Judged Racewalks
  • Stable Times … far faster than I am now.
  • Race Time FUN!


 January: Goal: Get out, have fun, exorcise the trouble spots from 2009.
      √     1/9 Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
      √    1/10 Walt Disney World Full Marathon

I think I did OK.  It was a hard couple

February:  Goal: Mind at ease. Start working on technique tweekes.
     2/7      Surf City 1/2 Marathon www.runsurfcity.com 

March Goal: To Finish under My Own Steam … and legal!
     3/5 – 7     World Class Racewalking Clinic – Tiburon, California
     3/20       8K Race – Part 1 of Dolphin … Virginia Beach
    3/21       Shamrock 1/2 – Part 2 of Dolphin … Virginia Beach

April Goal: To get my friends across the line at the Boston Marathon in one piece and work on my own form
     4/19         The Boston Marathon; a Guide for Mike McBride getting is ass across the line.

May Goal: Continue getting stronger.  Training harder and happier. Bolder Boulder: PR it! Colfax: Have a really awesome time. Get back to 2:40:00 Altitude.
     5/14-16   Dad Here … actually playing golf in Colorado Springs
     5/16          Colfax 1/2 Marathon
     5/31          Bolder Boulder — Running Wave GD — ROCK IT!

June: Recharge. Work more for Judged? I don’t really know. Need that schedule!

July: Dealing with heat. Enjoying my time!  Really keeping flexible.

August: Another clinic … could it be?

September: Keeping up with Twin … FINISHING UNDER MY OWN POWER.  2:35:00 1/2
     Labor Day Weekend: Virginia Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon

October: Having a fantastic time.  PR again – 2:35:00 1/2 or less!
     Birthday Weekend: San José Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon


     Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon with Team Challenge


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