…At Least It’s Properly Parked

18 10 2011


Another chilly early morning at the Southmore train station.

A big part of athletics is time management … ok a big part of life is also. I have tried to get grips on time and where it is going only to find that I am swamped on the logging process followed with bumming big time about how much time I have wasted.  Since I am finally getting off my ass and taking my exercise seriously, I am feeling like I am in logging Hell,  but I know there is a reason for it.

Food Log: I am using My Fitness Pal for this.  I trialed several hand-held/web-based systems and this one is probably the most reliable. Also, since I have both an I-Touch (my several year old “I-Thingie) and an Android,  I can use either one and both will update the web page.  I am getting better with recipies because I am starting to cook again and break meals into servings. I don’t know exactly how much I trust the figures for calories expended, but it is a ballpark estimate. I also am leery of the calories for losing X or Y pounds. Where I am probably a bit silly is that I am only logging training calories expended, but that might change.  Also, my caloric intake will change when I finally get reliable metabolic information.

Time Log: This is strictly time and a reminder to eat 4x a day (my buddy Ryan laughed when he heard my sax alarm tone go off when we were studying). I am using Planner Pro 1.1 that I found on I-Tunes. I played with the free version, but the Pro one has repeat functions – for things like train travel, classes, eating reminders, homework and training days. There are two parts: planning & actual. Actually it is pretty interesting. Unless I am studying, however, any time after dinner is off the books! I haven’t found it for the Android, so that is a bummer but since I have the I-Thingie with me more, I am game.

Written Training Log & Calendar: About bloody time! I have started these in the past, but since I am actually doing things properly with respect to training – wow base building & warming up/cooling down … the things I learn in school!! – it is time to do this right also.

Train ending. School time. MORE LATER! Lizzy

On Line Logs

19 01 2010

Ok – I’m lazy.  I am trying to find a way to log my workouts on-line that I can share with people.  My handwriting so completely sucks and I use abbreviations that others may or may not get when I scan them. 

I used to use the Garmin upload site, however I don’t always use the Garmin.  Sometimes I’m using a Polar, sometimes I’m inside.  I tried MapMyFitness.com but it was extremely irritating that I had to break everything down so much. 

Remember – I’m lazy.

Part of my doing this is because I’m in the Biggest Loser challenge at Super Slow Zone.  There will be a segment for my progress on this on the pages section.  I realized how my completely messed up eating has affected me: mentally and physically.  I think I’m the only one who isn’t one of their clients.  I need to write out what they have as my fat levels.

I have to be careful because of my functional anorexic past.  I’m careful about scale weight because I’ve been told I don’t look like I’m my weight.  I’m concerned on the fat thing because that I can see. 

I’m playing with one called OnLineFitnessLog.com  … will let you know.  The first check for me was to see that they had listings for both Walking and Race Walking. Since I’m looking for an overview site, this might be interesting.  I’ve also not figured out exactly how it’ll work with track and interval work.  I can be anal retentive in writing but just want an overview for the on-line figures.

I’ll keep you posted.