Three Weeks and Counting

10 06 2011

My NZ Teammate and Buddy David W. Smyth reminded me of this today and I shuddered. I have not exited the slow and clunky stage which has been exacerbated by a muscle pull in my rear hip. My massage maven and wonder chiropractors have been working with it but I know it is going to take time to heal.

As I tell clients, it took a while to get into this shape, it takes time to get out. The difference is it took no effort to get in bad shape and will take loads to get out of it.

For me, I am frustrated, but I know that the clumsiness will smooth out eventually and speed will come back with extra vitality. It just takes time, dedication, and attention.

If patience is a virtue, I am more virtuous with others. I think this is the case with all of us. We have the luxury of being patient with others until we can’t be any longer,  but we cart ourselves around everywhere we go.

In a world where we really don’t stop and think, much less acknowledge things, this process is a first stop – but if we get stuck there, it is just a game of mental masturbation. Until we do massive change, we will do the little things that make us feel good but truly isn’t satisfying in the long run.

As I sit with my coffee waiting for Maggie to start in on my back, I am thinking about 3 weeks from now in Sacramento. I have my three well seasoned teammates/housemates (Nyle Sunderland, Tammy Wright Stevenson, & David Smith) who have already promised they are going to be there even if I am the last person across the line – after 90 year old Gramma’s. Even if I get disqualified or can’t finish, they are there. It is trying something new and then growing from it.