Vague be me

23 06 2010

“It is often scary to follow our intuition. However, it is usually disastrous not to trust it. Courage is key!”

I have always been a believer in quotes.  When my friend Brooke met me in Utah, she noticed I had a series of them I would put on my e-mails before it was popular to use signature files for that. This was about 10 years ago. They remind me of things or sometimes state things in a way I can’t phrase it myself.  Good quotes are observations made at one point which open doors at other points in time that might have been simply closed, not locked. The truly strange thing is when my own words have ended up as quotes on friends’ sig files! Even funnier is when I start quoting myself from a previous part of my life!

I have a series of them sent to my phone through texts. Kind of a long story how I found out about this guy, but all I am willing to say is that I can peg planting the seeds of change to meeting him at a Blind Coffee about 4 years ago. Since then, it has taken a while for things to shake through. Things take time. It isn’t fun, sometimes, to realize how any things I back-burnered because of the “emergencies” or “pseudo-emergencies” cropping up in my world.

Yeah – Vague be me!

I don’t always take the whole quote, but part of it that relates to what I’m thinking about. It is resonance. In this blog, readers might not agree with everything or understand what I’m writing, but sometimes things resonate later.  Then there are those things that resonate immediately but not for the reason I’m writing about. I don’t live your life nor have I had your life experiences.

“The only place where ‘Success’ comes before ‘Work’ is in the dictionary.”

I look at my “Ta-Do” list for this blog and see:
Colfax 1/2 Marathon
Broadmoor -> Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: Training at a Resort
Not going to Bolder Boulder 

I promise I’ll get those done! Yeah – you’ve read that from me before, but it takes time to get things normalized. The theme for this is taken from the photo M took of Bond-Q (me) last year. It’s what I’m working on – balance.

I laughed at myself going slightly spare when Padfoot – my Sony Vaio laptop – got the Black-Screen-Of-Death. I now have an I-thingie as well as a Samsung version of the smart phone. I am plugged in but still hate answering the phone! Not that I don’t like hearing from folks, just so many things at once. I have been dealing with e-mail hell because of virus’ floating around and hitting friends’ e-mails, and I think one of mine being grabbed. Crap. Sometimes I truly wish I was back on my Mac platform, but I’ll get over it!

“Remember: when you point your finger at someone else, you are pointing three other fingers back at yourself. Take a look at yourself before you go about damning or hyper-criticizing others.”

Part of my being vague is based on picking my battles. It makes life a whole lot easier. It is a very hard time to make changes, but if not now; when? Snarky folks can say what they will, and, let’s face it, they will anyway.

When you realize you’ve been putting your own dreams aside because of life or trying to fit in or whatever, it can either be depressing or a catalyst for change. I’ve experienced both, but now am tempering my catalyst with some reality. I think it is going to work. Clean up the mess. Take what I love and walk with it – fast! 😉