Sometimes All You Can Do Is Be Smart Enough To Stop

13 07 2011



I can’t honestly say that my foyer into the World’s Master’s Track and Field competition has been a complete disaster, but it has been at least a learning experience. I met some amazing people who I do look forward to seeing again.

I learned first and foremost that I have been attracting some amazing friends who, like amazing friends do, see the gems in me that I am struggling to dig out.

I have learned to open up and just let things float. My conversations with teammates Tammy, David & Nyle have given me a lot of things to chew on on a lot of levels.

In the area of training and competing, they piggy-back on Ian and both the Susans with helping me see a path through and past the injuries and insanely slow process of retraining both physically and motivationally. They are also kicking me in the head (sometimes I wait for Tammy to give me a playful NCIS style head slap to get my attention, but since she has never seen the show,  it is probably a no go.) to actually cut through my coaching scar tissue and let Jim do his job.

As a coach-in-training myself, I know how frustrating it can be when a client is in their own way.The thing is is that the client has to make the changes necessary to bring out the best that is inside or it isn’t their win.

To make those changes, lifestyle and what is put into it has to change. People, events, habits, past, and viewpoint have to change to make the truly externals of diet and exercise to take root.

We all pay lip service to things. There are those who want the magic bullet of a diet pill, hooking up with someone with a lot of money, or whatever. If you know me, I tend to do things the hard way – and over think.

I now get it what Tammy was talking about with the people. There is drama everywhere and cliquey nonsense, but how many people can walk into the medical tent unable to breathe then make friends with the Safety Judge and help him keep all the male athletes hydrated, to helping out people from Russia to Mexico to Hungary without understanding any language more than Gatorade with a smile and laugh, to becoming the “mascot” of the Austrian Male Racewalk Team over a discussion of the history of Gatorade? I am about it from what I hear, but my buddy Nyle would give me a run for my money – but she was off trying to recover from her hard fought for gold medal win.

As the gang would say, it all is a different kind of hard. Tammy chased down Nyle in the race and that was a huge hard. Chasing a friend and teammate; wanting them to do well, but wanting to get gold too! I had the hard of being smart enough to stop myself so I can walk another day. Right now, I am back in the beginner’s blocks but with some baggage to have lost by the nearest airport representative!!


It is important to know where your boundaries are so when you kick down the walls, your cheering friends know where to stand!

Thanks Lauri for shooting this photo that I would prefer not to have shot but it is a huge part of my learning process … and now I know what a Safety Judge is for!