Clothes ….

Gotta wear something … ok … maybe you don’t … but it is in my best interest for me to!

Race Shirts:  Race shirts are whatever I find. I remember my buddy Heather saying that after a while I would have piles of race shirts that were graded A, B, C. Now race shirts are usually tech shirts, so it’s a bit harder to just toss them.  I did find a local company I liked, but part is that they’re cut for “normal” sized people and I’m a medium. ME! The company is Born Fit and will have more information later.

Arm Warmers: Ok – I’ve got an ancient set of Performance arm warmers that I used when I was bike racing in the 1980’s.  They do the trick for the most part, but they are a bit heavy.  I’m trying out the ones that feel like cut off long-sleeved t-shirts and another mid-weight pair.  Another keeping you posted!

Gloves: I have something called Reynaud’s Disease.  This means that I have to be a bit more careful with hands and feet.  2012 is finding me spending more time outdoors training.  I overheat like nuts once I get going, but until I get there, I have real problems with retaining heat.  I found some gloves I like, but they’re in the other room and it’s not snowing yet. 😉 Will post when I play with them more.  For races, however, when I know that I’m going to toss gloves, I use those little one-sized-fits-all knit gloves that usually go for a dollar a pair.  Since most toss clothes get donated, I like that they can be washed.  If you decide to use them, make sure that you roll the gloves before you toss them.  I did just hand them to someone on the side of the road of the Bay To Breakers, but that’s just me.  

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