Kicks … Sneaks … Shoes …

  Kicks, Sneaks, Keds, Foot Covers!

I am the first to note that I know jack about shoes.  I’ve been stumbling along, talking with friends, and giving things a shot.  The problem is dropping $80 for a pair of shoes that kinda work is a nightmare.  I first started being able to buy shoes out of the clearance bin because my dainty size 11 foot isn’t always the most popular for limited tread slicks.  Unfortunately, I’ve wandered out of the clearance bin and now have to pay attention. 

My Nightmare 2009 year left me with paying close attention to my tootsies and legs.  After a couple of years of over-the-counter insoles, I’ve moved to custom orthodics.  You really *do* need to bring them when you’re trying shoes and your old favorites might not fit the same … trust me!  After a few years in the custom orthodics, I realized that I needed to back out and try something else.

I’m currently trying to find kicks that fit me properly while dealing with the insoles.  I have found a couple of pairs I like, but as soon as I put the insole in, I ended up tearing the crap out of my left heel.  I’ll update this soon and put a note in the regular blog when I do.


2 responses

22 09 2010

Which shoes are you running in these days?

24 09 2010

I racewalk but I’m playing with the Mushas and racing in the Brooks T6’s. I would love to have more to work from!

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