Logging Food and On-Line Log

I’ve written elsewhere that I was a food logger before it was popular.  When I was in that study for “functional anorexia”, we had to write everything down – from a stick of gum to water to food.  I know I wrote in this blog what it was like when I went to a “reunion” and I was called obese by my fellow participants.  Of course, I was the only one who could walk around the track, had no osteoporosis problems, and was getting happier.  That was a couple of years ago now.

Anyone who has been around me, or been with me at my favorite fast food – Panda Express, knows I can eat.  I like to eat.  I think it’s a nifty thing to do!  I did short circuit it.  It is a bummer to cook for one.  I am making it more interesting, one step at a time.

I have found that www.myfitnesspal.com is probably one of the better logs.  I don’t think any of the logs are perfect, however this one can be updated on line, or through aps for both the Android and Apple platforms.  I have the ap on my Android phone and i-Touch.

I’ve had a life long hatred of calorie counting.  I understand x number of calories to maintain, lose weight, or gain it.  I just see that as a level of detail I just don’t want to become hyper bothered with; because I know I will become hyper bothered! That log does it for me.  Of course, it probably uses some algorithm that is really a gross

approximation, but whatever!

 I’m also surprised that when I try to do better with my protein daily, I have heightened fat or sodium levels.  That just means that I’m trying to supplement with packaged foods.  Seriously!

Oh yeah, another good thing on this log is that unlike others, you can go backward and fill stuff in without it being a complete pain in the ass.  That works.



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