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Ok – I’m back at trying to do things at home … I’m working on my procrastination with the “no-excuses” way of working out.

My personal background has been years of yoga taught by a variety of practitioners, a couple of years of Pilate’s, Jazzercise in my past, and step/regular aerobics classes. I’ve done a little bit of zumba. I firmly believe that I, like most, do better in class situations, but some classes have been better than others and it’s a scheduling thing.

My process:
      1. Watch the disc at least 1 time for whatever level I’m doing COMPLETELY!!! No matter how many years I’ve done something, a tape is different than class or private practice. It’s also how I find out if it’s something I’m even interested in. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of tapes or learned what I’ve got to do to modify the disc for my use.
      2. Put it into a rotation. Yeah – rotation. Some are an hour, some are 10 minutes … need to know what I need when. Readers who are trainers, I’m more than happy to take your expert advice on how to mix things.
      3. Watching things recommended by friends. Netflix rocks!

As I do discs (tapes), I’ll pop thoughts on them … and by doing this, it makes me actually do them 😉

  1. Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shread
  2. Yoga Conditioning for Athletes – Rodney Yee
  3. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss – Suzanne Deason
  4. New York City Ballet Workout
  5. Windsor Pilates – 20 Minute Workout
  6. Daily Stretch – Madeline Lewis
  7. Sports Conditioning Mini Yoga Workouts – Rodney Yee
  8. Yoga For Beginners – The All-Day Yoga Workout – AM: Rodney Yee, Stress Relief: Suzanne Deason, PM: Patricia Walden

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